Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #39: Gangnam Beauty Deserved a Printable

If you're a Korean entertainment follower, you probably heard this back when it was actually announced in February of this year, but My ID is Gangnam Beauty is getting a freaking drama adaptation.  SAY WHAT.  I randomly hopped upon the news while browsing the net today and very nearly screamed, "SHUT UP, NO FREAKING WAY!" and… Continue reading Freebie Friday #39: Gangnam Beauty Deserved a Printable

Manga Monday

Manga Monday #23: Trash Bird is My Spirit Animal

Even if you don't recognize his name, Reza Farazmand has no doubt crossed your eye at some point.  Not physically him, per say, but his art?  There's a pretty high chance, I'd bet.  He's the guy behind the one of the largest Facebook comic books, Poorly Drawn Lines. Farazmand's comics are visually simply and border on make-me-pee-myself and… Continue reading Manga Monday #23: Trash Bird is My Spirit Animal

Manga Monday

Manga Monday #21: The Doctor Who Loved Miss Abbott

Sometimes you may wonder, "Just how much shoujo does this woman read?"  And, okay, the answer is a lot, but I hope that was I offer up today as a reading suggestion will be just enough different that it'll fill your fancy. It's totally a romance, but it's a period piece.  The author is not a… Continue reading Manga Monday #21: The Doctor Who Loved Miss Abbott

Manga Monday

Manga Monday #20: Monochrome Kids

Phew, finally here, at today's actual post.  Although this is my third post of the day, I'm most excited for this one because it's actually very applicable to what got me into triple-posting-ness in the first place.  Basically, thank goodness for manga!  Without it, my late nights barfing and all around not being able to sleep… Continue reading Manga Monday #20: Monochrome Kids

Manga Monday

Manga Monday #19: Gangnam Beauty

"Gangnam Style" singer Psy has described Gangnam as South Korea's version of Beverly Hills.  Although it's true that Gangnam is the poshest part of Seoul--full of the rich and stylish--the real "Gangnam Style" of the Gangnam district is the Apgujeong Beauty Belt, blocks of clinics that specialize in every type of plastic surgery imaginable. South Korea… Continue reading Manga Monday #19: Gangnam Beauty

Manga Monday

Manga Monday #17: Invisible Roommate

When you start really getting into foreign comics and you're able to see a favorite work go from a fan translation to being officially picked up by an English distributor--that's the coolest thing ever. This recently happened with a Korean series that I actually have already read in its entirety, but that didn't stop me… Continue reading Manga Monday #17: Invisible Roommate

Manga Monday

Manga Monday #16: My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

I haven't been reading digital comics for very long.  I think I've only been reading webtoons for about two years now?  Considering that I've been reading print comics, including manga, since I was at least ten--so seventeen years now, wow--the two years of digital I have under my belt is pretty meager in comparison.  Still, I… Continue reading Manga Monday #16: My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

Manga Monday

Manga Monday #15: Zombie Boys and Human Girls

The countdown to, oh, you know, the best holiday ever, continues!  To serve up some holiday spirit (Halloween spirit, that is), this week's Manga Monday is highlighting a web comic with some grisly fair--ZOMBIES. Zombie Boys and Human Girls Boyfriend of the Dead Ushio 30 episodes (ongoing) Zombies are a unique horror fixture.  Rather than being… Continue reading Manga Monday #15: Zombie Boys and Human Girls