Watch Wednesday

Watch Wednesday #16: Halloween Movie Countdown — Witch

Yesterday I gave a basic understanding of Vocaloid and its culture, focusing primarily on the music part of it.  Today, I want to dive deeper to discuss the visual storytelling aspect that has become a big part of Vocaloid. Halloween Movie Countdown -- Witch While this doesn't exactly count as a full feature movie for… Continue reading Watch Wednesday #16: Halloween Movie Countdown — Witch

Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes #16: Japanese Halloween Vocaloid

Back in 2000, a singing voice synthesizer was created in Barcelona, Spain by a Japanese developer.  It's called Vocaloid.  The software is unique as it allows users to type in lyrics and the software will retrieve specially recorded vocals of voice actors or singers to match the wording.  Those words are tied to certain notes… Continue reading Tuesday Tunes #16: Japanese Halloween Vocaloid