Watch Wednesday

Watch Wednesday #41: 4 Shows I’m Currently Watching

I sometimes confuse my husband with my many-a-shows at once thing.  I'll talk him through my excitement of one show ("Then they went to the school dance..."), only to run him through my devastation of another the next day ("...and then he died IN SPACE."), and often leave him wondering what the heck kind of… Continue reading Watch Wednesday #41: 4 Shows I’m Currently Watching

Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #22: Barbara Holland

Just as a quick reminder before I get to today's free printable, if you haven't already entered into our Star Wars: The Last Jedi t-shirt giveaway, be sure to head over to yesterday's post and do so!  Remember, it's as easy as liking the post, and commenting.  So easy, trust me. We've had a good response… Continue reading Freebie Friday #22: Barbara Holland

Watch Wednesday

Watch Wednesday #10: Anne of Green Gables

I feel like adapting book series for film is possibly the gutsiest thing you can ever step out to do.  When you're reading a book, you are managing the screenplay.  You are the director.  While there's a certain amount of description and direction put forth by the author, for the most part it is the… Continue reading Watch Wednesday #10: Anne of Green Gables

Watch Wednesday

Watch Wednesday #7: Join the Team

Revivals, reboots, remakes--they're nothing new, they've been happening since, well, ever.  However, it seems like film and television are seeing a greater influx of them.  Disney has an entire line-up of planned live-action remakes of their animated classics.  X-Files had its revival just recently.  Archie saw its reboot in Riverdale.  Clearly, it's happening, and it's been happening… Continue reading Watch Wednesday #7: Join the Team