Watch Wednesday

Watch Wednesday #28: A Silent Voice Deserved the Win

Both Your Name as well as A Silent Voice were snubbed in the Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature Film--in favor for, believe it or not, the likes of Boss Baby.  Now, we all know that the Academy Awards are more political than an actual representation of what's actually the "best of the best", but it certainly… Continue reading Watch Wednesday #28: A Silent Voice Deserved the Win

Manga Monday

Manga Monday #5: Bullying in Japan

In Japan, bullying is called ijime.  It is not like Western bullying in the fact that it's more collectively perpetrated.  In the Japanese culture, schools are run under a high standard of conformity and collective thinking.  Kids are encouraged to not stand out.  That cultural expectation bleeds into how kids bully and are bullied. Bullying… Continue reading Manga Monday #5: Bullying in Japan