Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes #36: My Hero Academia’s “ODD FUTURE” Screencaps

This past weekend was the release of the first episode of My Hero Academia's third season.  If you're a newcomer looking to jump into the series without the effort of watching the entire series thus far, this season three opener is the perfect jumping in point for you! The first episode of the season, "Game Start",… Continue reading Tuesday Tunes #36: My Hero Academia’s “ODD FUTURE” Screencaps

Watch Wednesday

Watch Wednesday #3: Be a Hero

Am I the only one who has been horribly obsessed with superheros since, well, EVER? The first superhero I really loved and wanted to be was Kitty Pryde in X-Men Evolution.  (That's definitely a show that we should all watch, but that's for another Watch Wednesday.)  Today, we're going with Japan's take on superheroes, My Hero Academia.… Continue reading Watch Wednesday #3: Be a Hero