Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #4: The Queen of Hearts

Can you believe that we've been doing this for FOUR WEEKS now?!  I can't.  Like, the fact that I've actually blogged for four weeks straight is both shocking and may be reason enough to assume that the world is ending. Just sayin'. The Queen of Hearts If you're only familiar with the Queen of Hearts… Continue reading Freebie Friday #4: The Queen of Hearts

Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #4: Team Captain America

I first met Laurelyn ten (holy crud) years ago in French class my junior year with Mme. Gwen... why can't I remember her last name?  All I remember is I always liked her first name.  And that she liked flat, warm Coke--something she had learned while on her exchange in France.  I digress. Laurelyn started… Continue reading Thursday Threads #4: Team Captain America

Watch Wednesday

Watch Wednesday #4: Space Cowboy

Okay.  Let's just lay it out:  How much of a Whedonite are you?  How many of Whedon's work have you partaken of--Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Avengers?  How about Toy Story? Well, even if you're not a Whedonite yourself, I know that you've seen his work.  And while Joss Whedon has some admittedly lesser works, we can't deny… Continue reading Watch Wednesday #4: Space Cowboy

Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes #4: Spectacular, Spectacular

In our senior year of high school, my now-husband, Brad, loved ringtones.  You know, way back when, when you would go online to a ringtone website and send the MIDI to your phone to be used as a ringtone.  Bradley specifically had a buttload of nerdy ringtones. Our group of friends each had chosen a… Continue reading Tuesday Tunes #4: Spectacular, Spectacular

Manga Monday

Manga Monday #4: Kids Say the Darndest Things

I would say the very first comic that I ever got really into was actually Garfield.  My elementary school library had multiple bound volumes of the Garfield newspaper comic strips.  As a third grader, I would check those books out every chance I get.  I remember laughing so hard at that cat and his antics. My love… Continue reading Manga Monday #4: Kids Say the Darndest Things

Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #3: Vintage Cindy

Sometimes it's really, really, really hard to choose my favorite Disney princess.  #firstworldproblems But IT IS.  It's so hard!  I mean, there are the clear few that you think, "Yeah, no way."  You know, the ones that just don't fit your princess fancy.  That's cool.  But then there's, like, the rest of them.  There's a… Continue reading Freebie Friday #3: Vintage Cindy

Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #3: Village Crazy Lady

Disney is home to some of the greatest best friends of all time.  You know:  Woody and Buzz, Pooh and Piglet, Gaston and his reflection... makes your heart strings tug a bit, doesn't it? I'm very, very lucky to have two incredible best friends that I've known and teased and nerded out with since 2007.  This… Continue reading Thursday Threads #3: Village Crazy Lady

Watch Wednesday

Watch Wednesday #3: Be a Hero

Am I the only one who has been horribly obsessed with superheros since, well, EVER? The first superhero I really loved and wanted to be was Kitty Pryde in X-Men Evolution.  (That's definitely a show that we should all watch, but that's for another Watch Wednesday.)  Today, we're going with Japan's take on superheroes, My Hero Academia.… Continue reading Watch Wednesday #3: Be a Hero

Manga Monday

Manga Monday #3: Being Weak in a Powerful World

My goal for today was to point you guys towards a comic that was created in a manga style, but was created originally in English, rather than being translated and later distributed. Way back when, when I was probably twelve years-old or so, I remember there was a certain chunk of the internet that was… Continue reading Manga Monday #3: Being Weak in a Powerful World