Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #43: Bo Peep, Rex, Hamm, Slinky, and Wheezy Silhouettes

I love the full cast of Toy Story.

In the three film franchise, I think the only character additions that I haven’t loved are the bad guys (ahem, Lotso, sending shade your way, bro).  I love all of Andy’s original toys, I thought the additions of Mrs. Potato Head, Jesse, and Bullseye were perfect, and all of Bonnie’s are the perfect brand of silly.  I’m especially fond of Trixie, is she not the cutest triceratops you’ve ever seen?!  (That love could be influenced by my love for Kristen Schaal.  Possibly.)


With such an extensive character list, a lot of characters from Toy Story don’t get a lot of showtime.  I worked up a batch of silhouette t-shirts, fully inspired by the characters we wish we could see more of from the first two Toy Story films.  No Trixie yet, but trust me–I’m working on that one.

Bo Peep, Rex, Hamm, Slinky, and Wheezy Silhouettes

Bo Peep t-shirt from Nerd Love Shop
Hamm t-shirt from Nerd Love Shop
Rex t-shirt from Nerd Love Shop
Slinky t-shirt from Nerd Love Shop
Wheezy t-shirt from Nerd Love Shop

Also check out our Disney Nerds section for more Disney/Pixar inspired shirts!  Quite a bit have been featured for Thursday Threads on the blog, but not all of them, so definitely go take a peek.


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