Manga Monday

Manga Monday #43: Aozora Yell, Chapter 38, Part VIII

Uh, woops.  Didn’t realize that I never uploaded this yesterday.  I’m having a rough month, apparently!

A lot of talking, a lot of translating, but I did it!  And I even fully edited all the sound effects on the last page.  Which, okay, wasn’t hard, but hey, why not pat myself on the back for it, right?  Yay, mediocrity!

If you haven’t already, be sure to read Chapter 38 parts I, II, IIIIV, V, VI, and VII.

Check out Chapter 37 (III, III, IVV, VIVII, VIII) if you aren’t caught up.  You can read the first 36-chapters of Aozora Yell on Manga Rock.

Aozora Yell, Chapter 38, Part VIII


I have no idea why Ono is akin to a phone strap.  Jealous much, Kaori?

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