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Watch Wednesday #41: 4 Shows I’m Currently Watching

I sometimes confuse my husband with my many-a-shows at once thing.  I’ll talk him through my excitement of one show (“Then they went to the school dance…”), only to run him through my devastation of another the next day (“…and then he died IN SPACE.”), and often leave him wondering what the heck kind of television I’m watching.  Sorry, B.K.

Maybe I have a problem?  I’ll binge, binge and then go back to another show and binge on that for a bit, hop over and watch an episode or two of another one, then pick up a new show because, why actually finish something all at once, am I right?

4 Shows I’m Currently Watching

I know that I’m not the only crazy person who picks up and juggles multiple shows at once… right?

#1 – Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince kept popping up on my VRV suggestions so I was basically all, “YOLO,” and went for it.  I’m SO GLAD I did.  This one definitely meets the “must watch for K-drama beginners” hype.


#2 – Luke Cage

So good.  Luke Cage‘s second season definitely has my attention.  I’m only three episodes in, but I’ve heard that Danny Rand shows up and completely rejuvenates the character so I’m basically fangirl-ing excited to see it.


#3 – My Hero Academia

Season three has just been so perfect.  They clearly get the idea of plot burning, and even episodes that are technically “filler” episodes still come full circle to actually have a meaning that touches the overreaching plot.  I freaking love this show, it has yet to disappoint or drag.


#4 – Anne With an E

Did I audibly squeal with delight when I saw season two pop up on my Netflix feed?  You bet’cha.  This show continues to drive me crazy with just how fantastic it is.  I’m already dying for season three.


What shows are you watching right now?

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