Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #41: Flamingo Patronus

Guys, I love making these Patronus shirts.  The possibilities are literally endless, and I can’t tell you how fun it is to get requests for Patronus designs featuring a costumer’s choice Patronus.  I LOVE IT.  This design included.

Flamingo Patronus

I may have been on break, but the shop certainly was not!  I am forever grateful for the incredibly cool customers we get to work with.  Several ideas were birthed by customer request–ideas that have later proved plenty fruitful for business.  Thank you for patronage, truly.

One such request occurred this last month, involving quite the clever Harry Potter fan seeking a flamingo Patronus t-shirt.  Which, holy crap, having a flamingo Patronus would be freaking amazing.

James's Flamingo

What the cuteness, am I right?  I love how their coloring contrasts with the black and yellow of their beaks.  Ugh, just so cute.  SO CUTE.  Who wouldn’t love to have a flamingo Patronus?

There’s no “official” description of the meaning behind a flamingo Patronus, but there’s plenty of information of what it means to have a flamingo as your spirit animal, and what’s a Patronus if not a pesudo-spirit-animal?  Thus, thanks to the Spirit Animal Totems website, we get a description of what a flamingo Patronus touting person may be like.


“You know how to use your heart to find the right solutions to your problems. You find comfort in groups situations, know how to maintain your individuality within large groups and totally enjoy being around people. You are often flirtatious and flamboyant in the way you dress. You know how to balance a busy lifestyle and often find yourself in a supportive role when someone is having relationship problems. You know how to help them heal and move on. You enjoy playing with psychometry and have a gift for this practice. Your decisions in life usually come from the heart.”

Does this describe you?  Or do you just love flamingos in general?  Well, whatever the reason, the Flamingo Patronus t-shirt is for you!

Flamingo Patronus t-shirt from Nerd Love Shop

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