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Watch Wednesday #41: My 5 Favorite BTS Music Videos

So, I’ve been totally caught by the BTS bug.  It’s inevitable, really.  Once you dip your finger in that barrel you kind just fall in, don’t you?  There’s no stopping it.

My 5 Favorite BTS Music Videos

BTS certainly has quite the amount of musical accomplishments (if you’re looking for something to try from their newest album, I’m super obsessed with “The Truth Untold“), another thing they’ve got going for them is just how visually entertaining they are.

Okay, yes, they’re a bundle of Korean adorableness, but even more than that they’re true entertainers, and all of that comes through in their music videos.  The choreography, especially, but they’ve clearly built a lot of experience in the last five years because these dudes know how to play a camera in their favor.  Today I’m sharing five of my favorite BTS music videos, in no particular order–because, hey, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

“Not Today”


Released in the the Wings repackaged album titled You Never Walk Alone, “Not Today” is a freaking baller song that is matched up with an even more legit music video.  I don’t know where they got that giant crystal platform, but, DUDE, I love it.  Choreography is spot on, as usual, and I particularly enjoy the drone shots this music video provides.  And, gosh, that stomping bit.  So good.

“Spring Day”


From the same album as “Not Today”, the music video for “Spring Day” is all things beautiful Bangtang Boys.  Stunning scenery within pristine and pastel color palettes, “Spring Day” has a perfectly oversaturated retro feel to it that just makes you oogle.  With a Snowpiercer name drop alongside mucho RM airtime (heck yes), you can color me a fan of this video.

“Save Me”


Ahhh, “Save Me”, a music video that–in its utter simplicity–just shows how talented BTS is.  A continuous shot filming in a desert landscape in muted tones, a perfect representation of the song in its execution.

“Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)”


I’m a huge Steve Aoki fan, so obviously I’m going to be a fan of his collaborations with BTS.  But, freak, this music video is insanely good.  The floating mics, mob of fans, exploding cars?  SO COOL.  That may be a strange description, but dude… combined with some fantastic choreography, this video is a fave.

“Fake Love”


BTS has explored storytelling in their music videos multiple times before, but there’s just something about the imploding relationship that’s being portrayed in “Fake Love”.  A lot of symbolism, metaphor, all that jazz–and it’s fantastic to watch.

What’s your favorite BTS music video?

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