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Tuesday Tunes #41: Best Song of ‘Riverdale’ Season 2

Do you remember how frustrating it was to hear a freaking legit song on a television show and have literally zero chances of figuring out just what song it was?  Life before Google was so rough, wasn’t it?  (I chide.  But seriously.)

When shows like One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy began ending each episode with a little afterword of, “If you enjoyed tonight’s music, you can get it on iTunes,” or something along those lines, it was like, HALLELUJAH.  No manhunt for the song you only caught a tantalizing clip of in your favorite guilty pleasure show, now that’s a relief.

Nowadays we have the WWW to back us up on our questions, and thank freaking goodness for that, am I right?  Because the tradition for inserting awesome tunes in key moments of the TV shows we love still stands strong, and it’s so nice to have an instant answer in our hunt for good music.

Best Song Used in ‘Riverdale’ Season 2

Finally gave Riverdale a shot because of my undying fandom for Cole Sprouse.

While on my little “sabbatical” of sorts, I was finally able to sit down and do something meaningful in my life:  binge-watch shows on Netflix.  I know, it’s living the dream.  One show that I watched all two seasons of was picked up after a year of friends pushing me to see it:  Riverdale.

Based on the Archie Comics characters that were first birthed in print in the early 1940s, Riverdale follows Archibald “Archie” Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and the city of Riverdale as they discover that their town isn’t the idealized slice of American pie that everyone thought it was..

Oh, Cheryl Blossom, you perfect brand of cray-cray.

Riverdale doesn’t only deliver a beautiful slice of campiness, it also has a pretty great selection of modern tunes to go alongside its very fifties vibe.  While each episode arguably has its own charm, it was season two’s twenty-first episode, titled “Judgment Night”, that offered what I felt was the most epic use of music in the show so far.

Now, I have to admit that this scene had a lot of things going for it in the appeal department for me, it basically hit every mark that my drama feasting heart needs.  I mean, it features Jughead, whose limp body is being carried all-too tragically by his father, FP, done in the most perfect of dramatic entrances, as they emerge from the darkened fog of the forest to a stunned group of friends.  Then FP and Betty make teary eye contact before the camera flashes to Jughead’s mutilated face and, just, ah.  THE DRAMA TASTES SO GOOD.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who loves a good bridal hold.

But, man, the punch is the perfect timing and decision of the song.  It’s called “Blood//Water” and by grandson, the moniker of a Toronto based 23-year-old named Jordan Benjamin.  And just, holy crud.

Again, Riverdale has a uniquely wonderful selection of modern rock and blues to brag about, but there’s just something about grandson’s vocals and unique rock and roll that appealed more than any other piece I’ve heard on the show.  It’s been a while seen I did the whole jump-up-and-hurry-to-find-that-song bit, but this piece did that for me.

Truly, this is one of my favorite things about shows like these.  Not only am I getting the pure enjoyment of a murder-y teen drama, but I’m also being exposed to bands like grandson, who are just what the doctor ordered.  Popdust’s article on the singer perfectly describes my feelings brought on by “Blood//Water”, stating, “grandson is leading the charge towards the future of a genre [rock and roll] that wants to reclaim its edge, its relevance and its attitude.”

I love the power that the right music can make on visual media.  It’s just this tiny snippet, but paired with the right moment, the right film cuts, it’s sheer perfection.  Riverdale is by no means a masterpiece, but they certainly know how to utilize this effect.


As an ending side note, today marks one year of blogging!  Over 200 posts later, I’m still kicking.  Who would’ve thought I could actually stick to this?  Woo.  Go me.

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