Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #40: Just Keep Swimming

Finding Dory was one of those movies that, when I first saw it, I wasn’t in love with it.  First off, Marlin is still a total d-bag to Dory (did the jellyfish incident teach him nothing?).  In fact, the entire premise of the plot is basically lit off by the fact that Marlin sucks as a person.  Or, er, fish.

Still, Finding Dory didn’t exactly sink.  It holds a cast list full of excellent actors and actresses and certainly provided the hysterical humor that you’d expect from a Pixar film.  (Holy “carp”, Hank is my man.)

But it’s the overreaching message that really got to me–you know, on the eighteenth watch, thanks to my daughter’s obsession with the film–one that evokes the feeling that, even when it seems that all is lost, there’s always hope.  Today’s printable was inspired by that!

Just Keep Swimming




This 8×10 Finding Dory inspired print of little baby Dory is provided to you for free as both a JPEG and a PDF.  This printable is offered up in 300 DPI, allowing you plenty of room to work with when resizing to your printing and/or framing needs.  Enjoy all the utter cuteness that this baby fish can offer, along with a daily reminder to, “Just keep swimming!”

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