Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #39: Sailor Moon is Forever

Sailor Moon is that sort of show that has one of the strongest influences to ever come out of any Asian country.  You see it on every continent, influencing creators in all aspects.  Animation, television, movies, music (hello, Smash Mouth)–you name it, the Moon Rabbit probably has her gloved hand in it somehow.  It’s just that influential of a show.

Whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t deny that Sailor Moon has pull as a universal face.  Because, let’s face it, the interest Sailor Moon will never die.

Sailor Moon is Forever

Since its 20th anniversary bonanza in 2012, I can honestly say that, over the past five years, there never was such a fantastic time to be a Sailor Moon fan.  We’ve gotten a plate full of Moonie, including new musicals, a brand new anime, books, anniversary CDs, concerts, and so much more.

But, you can’t forget just how long the Sailor Moon craze has been going strong.  Sailor Moon, full title Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, is a Japanese shoujo manga series by Naoko Takeuchi that was serialized between 1991 and 1997.  The entire magical girl genre owes its resurgence to the series, and the 1992 anime was one of the biggest break-through hits for English-speaking viewers.

Sailor Moon‘s popularity grew from manga, to anime, to musical, to live-action television series.  It’s produced countless CDs, memorabilia, art books, novels, concerts, and more.  It has influenced, been parodied, and found mentioned in countless television series as well as movies, music, and books.  Heck, Sailor Moon even inspired a figure skating routine.

Thus, I’m not crazy in saying that Sailor Moon really is a forever sort of deal.  Here we are, 26-years later, and her legacy is stronger than ever, reaching further than ever.  It’s a global phenomenon enjoyed by people of all backgrounds, genders, races, and tongues.  Moonie or not, Sailor Moon is a big freaking deal for us nerds.

This week’s Thursday Threads feature two very Moonie-appropriate t-shirts.  The first uses bright pink vinyl  on a black tee, our Moon Prism Power Make-Up t-shirt.  The second centers our favorite black kitty, Luna, on a white t-shirt.


Both designs are fit for any Sailor Moon fanatic and come in both women’s fitted (which goes up to 4XL) and adult unisex.  Go check both our Moon Prism Power Make-Up and our Luna t-shirt on!

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