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Watch Wednesday #39: 5 TV Shows That I Want to Pick Back Up Again

I don’t think I’ve ever really been a passionate television show groupie.  I love a lot of shows, I’ve watched a lot of TV, but life generally gets in the way and–no matter how crazy the cliffhanger was from the week prior–I often find myself realizing, like, three weeks later, “Oh, sweet!  I have three new episodes to watch!”

That, of course, is a blessing all on its own, but it also leaves me picking up shows and wandering away from them so often that my list of oh-man-I’ve-gotta-start-watching-that-again shows to be ridiculously long.  Seriously.  So long.

Today won’t feature that full list, but instead we’re going to focus in on the five shows that I’m most itching to take the time to get caught up with.

5 TV Shows That I Want to Pick Back Up Again

Sometimes I drop a show for a bit because I’ve lost interest (like at the excruciating pacing that The Walking Dead followed this last season, so painful), but for the most part it’s really just the every day to-do list that has me spacing out for seasons at a time!

The shows I’m going to list today are in no particular order, but they’re the five that come to mind the most.

1. Law and Order: SVU (1999- )


This is probably the longest series that I’ve ever watched.  SVU has been a must-watch since I was a kid, and it’s always been the perfect show that even the oldest episodes are just so re-watchable.

I think I left off in the first few episodes since returning from the winter break, so I’m not too far behind on Olivia and the gang’s adventures, so clearly this is one that I don’t generally drop for too long before I jump back in again.

2. Supernatural (2005- )


Supernatural has built just an extensive amount of lore and, more importantly, inside jokes that it really is just a joy to watch.  Even the seasons that aren’t my favorite, there’s always at least three episodes that become key joys that contribute to my Supernatural love.  The characters and their actors are just so well-loved and memorable that, alongside some fantastic humor, you can’t help but to just enjoy yourself–one of the biggest reasons I love this show.

I dropped off somewhere around the beginning of season 11.  This was back at the end of 2015, so granted I was taking care of newborn twin girls, but also the Darkness wasn’t a very appealing character to me.  I’ve been meaning to get back in though, especially with the Scooby Doo episode this season!

3. Agents of Shield (2013- )


Oh man, I remember watching the first nine-ish episodes of Agents of Shield and then, bam, the bomb brought on by Captain America: Winter Soldier hit and I was all, “NO FREAKING WAY.”  Brad and I geeked out, it was too awesome.  Agents of Shield is quite reminiscent of Joss Whedon’s other shows, appropriate because it’s fronted by him and his brother.

I dropped off sometime in the middle of season 4.  Daisy’s whole “Quake” trip was too angsty for me, I didn’t quite buy into it, so I lost interest.  Also, if a Whedon writes it, then your ship with either sink or one of them will die, that’s just a fact, so my love of FitzSimmons was hard to grapple with.  I’m really interested to see how Agents of Shield should  (if Winter Soldier is any indication) interact with the events of Infinity War, so I’m wanting to jump back on the bandwagon.

4. Broadchurch (2013-2017)


Freak, this show is good.  David Tennant and Olivia Colman are just so squeezably lovable in their incredible portrayals of detectives Alec and Ellie.  This series is full of nuanced characters with a delectable plot to boot.  One of the greatest murder mysteries television series I’ve witnessed, Broadchurch is a BBC favorite for a reason.

My sister and I binged through the first season and started the second, but since then our babies have become crazy toddlers who don’t exactly nap long enough for us to get through more than one episode at a time, haha!  But we’re both hoping to go on a binge spree soon.

5. Arrow (2012- )


One thing that DC has a handle on is an enjoyable television universe, collectively called the Arrowverse due to its origin series, Arrow.  While the DC televised shared universe could’ve been even more awesome if it was allowed a connection to their cinematic universe, it’s done just fine all on its own.

This is actually the series that I picked up again just the other day after a several year gap in watching.  I finished season 3 in 2015 and then–apparently this a trend for me–gave birth to my twins and lost interest in going back for season 4.  I picked where I left off recently and have been pleasantly surprised, especially with seeing John Constantine again.  I LOVE THAT GUY.  I’m feelin’ pretty invested so far, but I’m three seasons behind so we’ll see if I veer off again, haha.

2 thoughts on “Watch Wednesday #39: 5 TV Shows That I Want to Pick Back Up Again

  1. I love Broadchurch. But I have to say Season 1 is easily the best. Season 2…was eh. It was still good, but more aggravating and just a bit messier. Season 3 is a totally different story, but I liked it considerably more than 2, probably because we got more fun moments with Hardy and Miller. For a serious duo, they can be hilarious.


    1. Yeah, I was wondering how they were going to move forward with the intensity that was set-up in season one! I’m only a few episodes in and, even just with Ellie’s inner turmoil, season two really is messier!

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