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Tuesday Tunes #39: Movie References in TWICE’s “What is Love?” Video

Music videos can find incredible command in the outcome of a certain song’s either success or demise–at least, I find that to be true in my personal experience.  For example, I remember being obsessed with Christina Aguilera’s song, “Hurt” back in 2006.  I relayed my obsession to my best friend at the time and she commented, “Oh yeah, the music is weird for that song.”

We sat down at her family computer and watched it.  I remember very distinctly a lot of bad acting on Christina’s part, as well as a weird close-up of her butt as she’s running after receiving a telegram about her father.  Yep.  The weirdness wrecked the song for me.

TWICE, however, never seems to fail to entertain me with their music videos.  This includes their PV for “What is Love?” (currently #7 on the Japan Billboard Top 100), an incredibly fun video full of pop culture references for every sort of movie fan!

Movie References in TWICE’s “What is Love?” Video

The premise of TWICE’s “What is Love?” has the nine member girl band seated around a television watching romantic movies and asking what love is (surprise, I know).  It’s cute, it’s bright, it’s catchy–and it’s full of very recognizable movie moments.

The best part?  They’re not all the fancy “classic” moments, but rather a good mix of every sort of genre.  There’s more comprehensive lists on the Web of “What is Love?”‘s movie references, but here’s the ones that I knew the first time ’round watching the PV.

1. The Princess Diaries

Featuring Nayeon in the role of Mia Thermopolis from the 2001 film based ont he book series of the same name, The Princess Diaries, starring Anne Hatheway.  “What is Love?” excellently homages to the original Disney movie, even perfectly replicating the infamous makeover scene!

2. Ghost

Ghost is a sleeper hit film from 1990 that starred Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, among many other recognizable faces.  “What is Love?” uses band members Jeongyeon and Sana to recreate the well-known pottery scene from the film, even going so far as to nail Demi’s character’s distinct cropped cut.

3. La Boum

I only just barely caught this reference, and only because I’ve seen lots of fan art reconstructing this very scene.  La Boum (or The Party) is a French romantic comedy that’s famous for a scene where the lead girl, Vic’s, potential love interest silences the booming jams of a party with a slower tune by sliding a pair of headphones over her ears.  TWICE’s Mina recreates this scene.

4. Romeo + Juliet

This is a film that I’ve never actually seen but Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes’s portrayal is so iconic that I can easily recognize TWICE’s recall to the 1996 romantic drama.  Tzuyu and Jeongyeon act out the scene in which titular characters Romeo and Juliet meet–right down to the angel wings and fish tank.

5. La La Land

This was the most perfectly modern touch back that TWICE could make.  Even if you’ve never seen the film, you probably recognize this tap dance scene taken from Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s performance in La La Land.  TWICE members Momo and Tzuyu perform it, yellow dress and all.

There were a few references that I missed in TWICE’s “What is Love?”–did you catch them?

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