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Watch Wednesday #38: Infinity War’s 3 Best Characters

A franchise that is the culmination of ten years of hard work has lead up to the moment Avengers: Infinity War dropped in the U.S. last week.  Records upon records in the theatre industry have been broken, including a whopping $640.9 million worldwide debut weekend.  Not too shabby.

When the name Avengers is present in any Marvel title, a huge cast list rides along with it.  With so many characters–not to mention preexisting fan favoritism–how do you even begin to determine the best from the lot?

Two words:  character development.

Infinity War’s 3 Best Characters

If it wasn’t already clear enough by the title, this post contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War.  If you’re wanting to avoid spoilers prior to viewing the film, it’s best you not read any further.

With a cast of 27+ supers to consider, Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo naturally had to pick favorites.  Surprisingly, this wasn’t done at the expense of the audience’s enjoyment of other characters.  Even with such a giant troupe it felt like each character received adequate enough attention to fulfill their fan love as well as serve some sort of purpose–even if that was only to offer a little comedy, and some anti-Thanos butt whoopin’.


Or, you know, just make us cry like babies.  Thanks for that, Spider-Man.

But those characters with a higher involvement in the plot line offered up some amazing growth, thanks to top-notch acting and writing, and there are three characters in particular that I found to be especially enjoyable to watch.  Of course, this list is specific to my opinions, but, hey, to each their own, right?



Thor has stepped out as such a complexly growing character that it’s like he’s going through puberty for the first time or something.  That’s probably a terrible analogy, but what I’m trying to get at is that it’s like, in the seven years we’ve known the guy, Thor is just barely growing into his own.  (We have the genius writing behind Ragnarok to thank for that.)

Infinity War not only gives us the comedic touch of Ragnarok, but also presents Thor as the bridging character that he was always meant to be, as he is the prime connection between Earth and the more intergalactic side to the MCU.  Infinity War shows that funny Thor we love, but also a Thor navigating through the PTSD of watching half of his dwindling civilization murdered, including Heimdall and Loki.



Gamora shouldn’t have been a surprise bloomer in Infinity War, considering her pseudo-familial relationship with the film’s antagonist, but it was a pleasant shock to find her character grappling with her own demons so often in the plot.  She undergoes very little development in her two appearances in both Guardians of the Galaxy films, so Infinity War is arguably her strongest character growth to date.

From her near-death-by-request at the hand of the man she loves, to the disheartening flashbacks to her “adoption” by Thanos, not to mention being literally tossed off a cliff and killed by her abusive father, Gamora character goes through extensive conditioning, much to the benefit of the story.



Thanos, rather than following the Marvel tendency for disposable villains, instead becomes somewhat of the main character in Infinity War.  While his appearance has become a joke since his first appearance post-credits in The Avengers (Twitter especially has had a hay day comparing Thanos to a plethora of Thanos-like objects), Infinity War addresses the silly head on, and then goes straight for the jugular by making Thanos a really freaking solid villain.

This guy doesn’t even see himself as a villain.  Rather, Thanos is a savior in his mind.  He’s in this game to save the universe, and he’s willing to take on any personal cost in order to allow the universe to avoid the fate of his own planet.  Thanos’s plot is genocide at its most basic point, and yet as a viewer you weirdly empathize with his goal–that’s the sign of a great baddie.  Thano is that legit–ballsack chin and all.

Who do you think are the best characters of Infinity War?  Anyone I missed?

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