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Watch Wednesday #37: The 3 Best Scenes from The Last Jedi

Ah, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, one of the most polarizing films ever reviewed with a Certified Fresh 91% from the critics, and a meager 44% given by audiences on Rotten Tomatoes.  That’s quite the gap, am I right?  Regardless of where you stand on the issue, there are still undeniably awesome scenes to be celebrated from the film.  Today, we talk my three favorite scenes from The Last Jedi.

The 3 Best Scenes from The Last Jedi


If it isn’t already obvious which camp I’m set-up in, I’ll just lay it out:  I love this film.  So much.  The Last Jedi subverts all expectations set-up from previous films, and that is why it’s both an excellent watch while at the same time pissing a lot of people off.  The crazy plans don’t pan out, Kylo doesn’t return from the Dark Side, and Rey is really just a nobody–it’s so perfectly destabilizing to the whole trope that is Star Wars.

The Last Jedi starts with the rebellion in shambles, and goes on to end with the rebellion in utter decay.  The “hope” so often spoken of in Star Wars is hard to come by, but it’s still there, barely hanging on.  With no all-powerful hero to defeat the darkness, it’s a devastating sight, and yet it’s appropriately timed.


And again, even if you find no passion in the ruin of the safety of the Star Wars model, you cannot deny the beauty of the film.  Let’s jump into my personal favorite scenes from the film, and hopefully we can all agree on at least one of them.  (Don’t worry, one of them isn’t Luke milking that thing.)

1. Luke Faces Kylo’s Wrath


I know a lot of people aren’t 100% on board with Luke’s character development in the film, but I thought it was incredibly appropriate for Luke to take the turn that he did.  Following the loss of Ben Kenobi, his insistence on killing the Force makes perfect sense.  Was it a flawed plan?  Absolutely.  But Luke has always been an emotional creature, since day one!  (Hey, Cloud City, anyone?)  He’s still going to extremes like when he was young, just in the opposite direction–he’s still Luke, combating with the lure of the Dark Side.  That’s how I see it, at least.

Regardless, this scene defines the utter coolness that is Luke Skywalker.  Force illusion is too freaking cool, and the segment is so satisfying to watch because we are viewing it from Kylo’s point-of-view, establishing the strength of his raw hatred towards his uncle–a defining source for his power.  (Also, it must be noted, the soundtrack is freaking amazing here.  Thank you, again, for you contributions, John Williams.)

2. Dreadnought Explosion


The opening scene to The Last Jedi went from laugh-out-loud humor, to just about the most devastating feeling I’ve ever received while viewing the Star Wars franchise.  The clip ends with the Rebel’s win, and yet at catastrophic loss.  A critical mark of the film’s overreaching monologue, which strives to fully express the costs of fighting for what we believe to be right.

Then, when you find out the significance of pilot Paige Tico’s teardrop necklace, which she is seen clutching just before she perishes in the explosion, it makes watching the scene again basically ten times more heartbreaking to watch.

3. Kylo and Rey Team-Up


Oh, man.  This is the scene that fulfilled every dream I’ve ever had of Kylo and Rey teaming up.  Truly, it did not disappoint.  It was so freaking epic I may have almost peed my pants, but it also leaves you on the edge of your seat asking, “Holy shiz, is Kylo going to be a good guy?!”

As cool as that would have been, I’m happy that he continued his character disintegration arc (he’s a great baddie, people), but, frack, this scene rocks my world.

What’s your favorite Last Jedi scene?


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