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Thursday Threads #36: “I want a turkey sandwich with tomato. Also pickles.”

Thanks to a well-received short in 2007, in 2010 the series we know as Adventure Time was born on Cartoon Network.  We’re now here, eight years later, and gearing up for the end of the tenth and final season of the show, which will conclude this year before a special that is set to air this summer.

Adventure Time and its success reaches far and wide, with fans across the globe existing in all age groups, from children to adults.  Opening up an entirely new path for American animation, Adventure Time had cartoonists stepping away from the gloomy-man-tear works inspired by the likes of Chris Ware, and instead jumping into bright and colorful fantastical adventures.  This new focus has spurred on the hunt for all the most indie of cartoonists, all in an effort to create the next big ‘toon.  I mean, the creators of Steven UniverseClarence, and so much more started on the Adventure Time ticket, so it makes sense, right?

But with all its trendsetting and accomplishments, you want to know what my favorite thing about Adventure Time is?  The quotes.  Oh, the quotes!

“I want a turkey sandwich with to-ma-to. Also pickles.”

There are too many great Adventure Time quotes to count.  But, you know, 10-seasons in you’d expect that, right?  Each fan has their own personal cache of recitations to pull from.  In fact, I’d say that even if you’ve only watched Adventure Time one or two times, you’ve probably got that one-liner that stuck with you–the show is just that quotable.

It’s too hard for me to pick my own favorite, but my freaking amazing friend, Jessica, suggested that I make one my own personal cache of quotes into a design.  To which I replied, “HECK YES,” because it featured one of the most awful and yet funniest characters to enter the Adventure Time cast list:  Ash.


If you’ve forgotten the greatness that is Ash, or otherwise missed his remarkable existence on the show, he’s Marceline’s immortal ex-boyfriend who she dumped with he sold off her prized teddy bear, Hambo, for a new cherry blossom wand.  Basically, he’s a keeper.

He first appears in the episode, “Memory of a Memory” where he gets a hold of Marceline’s memory of breaking up with him in order to destroy it, thus making it seem like they never had separated.  Of course, the episode ends with Finn, Jake, and Marceline effectively beating the crap out of Ash, but first we’re given one of the most ignorantly mysogynistic and yet incredibly funny lines delivered on Adventure Time.

Ash gets hungies at 8:00.
You need to get back in the kitchen and make me dinner.
I want a turkey sandwich with tomato.
Also pickles.

What a great boyfriend, am I right?  Truly awful, and this line had me laughing till I fell over.  It’s these small kicks of dry humor which make Adventure Time into the great thing that it is.  Even in the most emotionally dredged moments, this show finds the time to make us smile.  And Ash, dang it, you made me laugh–you poor moron, you.


When Jessica first suggested I include Ash’s not-so-greatness into a design, she was envisioning it as kitchen art, and I loved the idea.  While I gave her full rights to printable side of this design, I still thought that it was too good not to be shared on a t-shirt.

Featuring the exact turkey-tomato-pickles sandwich that Ash was looking for, our I Want a Turkey Sandwich t-shirt is perfect for every Adventure Time fan!


I Want a Turkey Sandwich comes in both adult unisex as well as women’s fitted sizing, but we’re happy to take any special requests to outfit it on our toddler or youth sized 100% cotton t-shirts!

What’s your favorite Adventure Time quote?

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