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Watch Wednesday #36: The Top 3 K-Dramas on My Watchlist

I only first started watching Korean dramas last year when I finally jumped in and subscribed to Drama Fever, the online Asian television streaming service.

Initially launched under the assumption that its users would feature mostly Korean-American viewers, the four Drama Fever founders were shocked to find that they could not be more wrong, with 85% of its audience, as of 2014, being non-Asian.  Which, of course, includes me–and I’ve barely scratched the surface of all that K-dramas have to offer.

The Top 3 K-Dramas on My Watchlist

Since my first show, I’ve watched several K-dramas from beginning to end, and I’ve even covered a nice chunk of those in previous Watch Wednesdays here on the blog, but I’ve still built up quite the watchlist.  I won’t dredge down your browser with that giant thing, but I will highlight the top three K-dramas I’m excited to jump into next!

3. Heirs (2013)


Heirs details the lives of wealthy Korean high schoolers and the complications that ensue from their lavish upbringing.  The show follows self-centered Korean playboy, Kim Tan, who is sent to the U.S. as a form exile due to his inability to adhere to the strict expectations of Korean society.  While there, he happens upon Cha Eun Sang, a Korean girl born without a silver spoon in her mouth.  Kim Tan finds his interest in Eun Sang growing and, after his girlfriend chases her off, he returns to Korea to find her.

Heirs is one K-drama that I get suggested to me time and time again.  What’s kept me away is the almost Gossip Girl-like presence of it.  You know, rich high school kids and their troubles?  It generally doesn’t interest me.  However, the prevalence of Heirs in the K-drama community has continued to build my interest in investing some time in the show.

2. My Love From Another Star (2013)


My Love From Another Star displays one of the greatest accomplishments of K-dramas:  being able to take the most far-fetched plot and make it work like no one’s business.  My Love From Another Star tells the story of the-girl-you-love-to-hate, Cheon Song Yi, who meets her match in a 400-year-old alien who missed his ride and has been stuck on Earth for a long, long time.

Described as a comedic yet ill-fated romantic tale, My Love From Another Star has been remade in several countries throughout the world, and even had ABC optioning it for American viewers at one point.  As ridiculous as the plot line sounds, My Love From Another Star obviously has something going for it–including several reputable awards–so I’m excited to start it in the future.

1. Coffee Prince (2007)


Coffee Prince is almost a decade old, and I’m just barely gearing up to watch it?  I know, shame on me!  Arguably the most popular release of 2007, Coffee Prince follows Go Eun Chan, a girl who is often mistaken as a boy.  When the owner of an all-male employed coffee shop named Choi Han Kyul comes into Eun Chan’s life, she decides to pose as a boy in order to work there.

I always had this thought that Mulan would’ve been twice as good (which, okay, it’s fantastic just the way it is) if we had gotten to see Shang struggle with the thought that he might be gay.  Well, Coffee Prince has my back on this one, as you’ll apparently get to watch Han Kyul’s inner conflict at the thought that he has feelings for who he believes to be a man.  Thus, I am so game for this K-drama, and once I finish Goblin: The Lonely and Great God (SO GOOD), this is my first choice on the list.

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