Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes #36: My Hero Academia’s “ODD FUTURE” Screencaps

This past weekend was the release of the first episode of My Hero Academia‘s third season.  If you’re a newcomer looking to jump into the series without the effort of watching the entire series thus far, this season three opener is the perfect jumping in point for you!

The first episode of the season, “Game Start”, is a catch-up episode, running through the major events of seasons one and two, but it’s got a lot more to it than most recap episodes, so even old viewers shouldn’t skimp on it.  I mean, the humor alone makes it worth watching, but rather than simply reminding us of the journey so far, “Game Start” sets the tone for what is a most anticipated season.

Oh, and it shows us the newest opening, which is freaking legit.  Performed by band UVERworld, “ODD FUTURE” has quickly become my favorite pick from the four openings My Hero Academia has had so far.  You can view and listen to the newest opening here, and, of course, my obsession with it means I’ve meticulously screencapped “ODD FUTURE” for this week’s Tuesday Tunes.

Yep.  This is happening.

My Hero Academia’s “ODD FUTURE” Screencaps

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