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Manga Monday #36: Aozora Yell, Chapter 38, Part I

Chapter 38 marks the beginning of the tenth volume of Aozora Yell, what-what.  It’s weird to think that there’s this volume plus nine more until the series end.  I wonder if that’s why previous scanlators have steered away from the project for over two years?  You know, because it’s freaking long?

The first few pages are feature a lot of untranslated Japanese, but I promise that what they’re saying isn’t pertinent–volume cover and inserts, as well as a general recap of the story Aozora Yell has told up to this point–but the images are pretty so they’re included for aesthetic enjoyment!

Check out Chapter 37 (III, III, IVV, VIVII, VIII) if you haven’t already.  You can read the first 36-chapters of Aozora Yell on Manga Rock.

Aozora Yell, Chapter 38, Part I


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