Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #35: Golden Girls

Who’s ready for some golden Disney Princess dresses?!

Golden Girls

When thinking of a gold/yellow Disney Princess gown, of course, our first thoughts turn to Belle’s iconic ballgown from Beauty and the Beast.  It’s become an emblematic piece of animation history and is a look that is recognized throughout the world.


An unforgettable dress. What else can I say?  Belle’s a big freaking deal.  But I promise that there’s more than Belle’s shimmery A-line to the Disney Princess line-up of golden gowns.

It’s one of the lesser used colors when it comes to Disney’s princesses’ closets, that’s for sure.  But while it’s certainly not as common as pink or blue, you’ve seen our favorite princesses in yellow more often than you might recall.  Snow White, for example–the majority of her look utilizes a meadow gold.  And, while certainly not the most princess-y of her lot, Tiana still looks glowingly adorable in her yellow waitress uniform.



For our golden girls Thursday Threads, I chose two other gold-esque frocks from two pseudo-Disney-Princesses.  While they aren’t officially included in the DP posse, they technically more than qualify, in my opinion, so they snagged the bid for this week’s princess gown silhouettes.

First, Moana’s functional island garb.


While her dress is technically compromised of a red top and grass skirt because the golden skirt takes up the majority of her outfit I liked her attire on a gold sweatshirt rather than a coral or red crew neck.

And, seriously, how cute is this silhouette on the gold?


Again, I can’t reiterate enough how freaking comfortable these crew necks are.  Our Glow-in-the-Dark Moana Gown sweatshirt is perfect for those cool summer nights.  Not too thin, but not too thick!

Second, Jane Porter’s ladylike look.


Jane is the wife of the king of the jungle, so how could she be nixed from the Disney Princess guest list, am I right?  Jane’s very English and proper dress was one I coveted all growing up.  The accessories were nothing to scoff at either–there’s just something so adorable about the umbrella and hat.  She’s truly adorable, and her gown was perfect for the gold crew neck.

Our Glow-in-the-Dark Jane Gown uses our extremely durable glow-in-the-dark vinyl, perfect for sending through the washer again and again after your own jungle adventures!


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