Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #34: Make It Blue!

Time for our Disney Princesses to go blue for this week’s Thursday Threads!

Aw yiss.

Make It Blue!

If you know me, you know I love blue.  And, as much as Disney loves their gals in pink, it seems like they love a girl in blue just as much.  In fact, maybe even more, to the point that it seems like the blue-princess-dress market is a bit oversaturated in Walt’s town.

Belle, Aurora, Elsa, Tiana, Jasmine, Ariel, Merida, and more–the majority of Disney Princesses have at least one item in their cinematic wardrobe that’s some sort of blue.  Maybe it’s a DP must-have, like their version of the LBD is a Little Blue Dress?

Well, no matter where the need comes from, I’m totally happy with it, blue being my favorite color and all.  This week’s two new sweatshirts feature highlight two of my most favorite 2D blue gowns:  Aurora’s and Belle’s.

Both these dresses are widely recognized and wholly iconic to any Disney fan, whether you’re into princesses or not, but they serve two entirely different purposes to two distinctly different princesses.  While Aurora’s sheath blue gown acts as a marking symbol to a large turning point in her life, Belle’s acts as every day wear in her poor, provincial life.

And yet, both gowns are distinctly princess-y, even in their total contrast.  Must be the royal blue, am I right?  (I’m sorry, I couldn’t pass it up.)  When I saw that our cozy crewneck sweatshirt came in a royal blue, I immediately knew what had to happen.  First off, here’s Aurora’s classic blue dress.


Of course, this was an easy switch to make since the design was already created for last week’s pink version of Miss Sleeping Beauty’s gown, but I’m of the, “Make it blue!” camp so, yeah, had to happen.  This Glow-in-the-Dark Aurora Gown crewneck sweatshirt comes in a royal blue, and is perfect for watching Disneyland fireworks beneath Sleeping Beauty’s Castle!

Next up, we have Belle’s classic blue village dress.  I always wanted this dress as a kid, even more than her yellow ballgown!


With this series of designs, it was really fun to work with the silhouette to let the sweatshirt color pop through to highlight the dresses, and I especially love how Belle’s apron and sleeves work in the design.  This Glow-in-the-Dark Belle Village Gown pops on our royal blue crewneck sweatshirt and is comfortable enough to snuggle up in for some late-night reading!

Next week we’re continuing the Disney dress madness with gold/yellow!  What gold or yellow Disney dresses would you like to see next week?

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