Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes #34: Sunmi is My Heroine

One thing that I seem to find happening to me quite frequently is not realizing that I’ve become attached to a certain musical artist.  I’ll be listening to YouTube Music or Pandora or whatever streaming platform I decide for the day, and a new song will come on that totally rocks, and I’ll be all, “Oh my gosh, this song totally rocks, who is this?!”  And it’ll be the same artist every time that happens.

This go-around, apparently that artist is Sunmi.

Sunmi is My Heroine

I’ve talked Sunmi previously, and I always seem to hit her new music when it’s really not-so-new and has dropped on the Korea K-Pop Billboard 100 somewhat.  But, dang it, I like this girl’s music, and “Heroine” is no exception.


The music video was funny to me because it touches back quite a bit to the first song of hers that I fell in love with, “Gashina”.  I’m talking flower motifs, clawfoot bathtub, her “pew-pew” gun pose, and starting off the music video with a drink.

If you’ve never seen the “Gashina” music video, that last sentence probably read pretty weirdly.  But, seriously, do people just really like watching Sunmi drink stuff?  I mean, she’s adorable and all, but why does she always seem to have a smoothie in hand?  But I digress.


Much like the music video eeks a very “Gashina”-like vibe, “Heroine” also seems to act as an almost continuation to the story “Gashina” proposed.  While “Gashina” has Sunmi relenting herself to becoming a wallflower after love lost, “Heroine” cries repeatedly, “The show must go on!”  (Am I the only one who immediately thinks of Queen’s song when you read those words?)

Even if it hurts me
And it is sad ending
The show must go on
The show must go on
You must go on


The song’s message itself is interesting.  While Sunmi continually calls the male she’s addressing, the “splendid hero” of their story, she’s describing him as anything but, saying that he’s, “mean” and “makes [her] sad”.  Perhaps the curtain call is on her choice in men, as she utilizes her staple hand-gun-gesture from “Gashina” to shoot her own portrait down at the end of the music video.

Then you look at the fact that the song isn’t titled “Hero” or even “The Show Must Go On”, it’s titled “Heroine”.  Returning to the lyrics, you see that she’s describing a guy who’s not a good influence on her, he makes her “a naughty girl”.  Thus, “Heroine” isn’t describing her part in the story, but instead establishes the reality of this relationship:  He’s like a drug, slowly killing her, but addicting nonetheless.  Which is a good guess, considering Sunmi took inspiration for the song from the film 9 1/2 Weeks.


I love the lyrics of Sunmi’s music.  She wrote the song with Teddy Park, and I especially enjoy the Britpop vibe to “Heroine”.  Sunmi is also a celebrated dancer, so it was neat to see her perform in a duo dance alongside her solo moves within the music video.

I’m not well-versed in modern dance, so a lot of her moves are kind of crazy-looking to me, but nevertheless I appreciate Sunmi’s total confidence in her skills, especially live–she’s insanely talented.


Visually speaking, the music is full of bent primary colors, with a lot of marbled and watercolor backgrounds.  Thus, I’m a fan.  (I’m always a fan of marbled textures, probably due to my background in scanning old books for digital viewing.  Lots of marbling on the fancy endpapers of old books, trust me.)

Check out and listen to Sunmi’s “Heroine” below!

Do you have an artist that you seem to enjoy all of their songs?

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