Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #33: Disney Loves Pink Princesses

Alright, so the power has been going in and out due to the freaking insane winds of my Utah hometown.  (“What are we in Iraq?  This happens entirely too often.”)  Consequentially, I’m going to try and to keep this post light on the verbiage so we can at least get it up and running before my connection is killed again.

(Well, as “light” as my blabbering hands can type, that is.)

Disney Loves Pink Princesses

Oh, man, do I have a soft spot for Disney’s 2D royal fashion line.  The first dress to make me swoon was Snow White’s, which as a four-year-old I wore wherever and whenever I could get away with it.  When my mom would allow me to walk to my friend Preston’s house just down the street, she would get alerting calls from neighbors in our tight-knit neighborhood asking, “Is Snow White supposed to be out and about?”


As much of an adoration as I had for Snow’s primary-colored ensemble, nothing quite struck me like Aurora’s sheath styled number.  I remember the doll I had of her, where her dress could be flipped inside out to swap between blue and pink–best doll ever.

Of course, there have been several princesses added to the line-up since the times of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.  While Disney is currently working to expand the variety of their Disney Princess line, you can’t ignore that these dudes apparently love a girl in pink.

Ariel, Cinderella, Mulan, Rapunzel, Belle–pretty much every Disney princess has pink in at least one of their wardrobe changes, even if that’s not their iconic look.  Today for Thursday Threads we celebrate two of my favorite pink dresses.

First, there’s my childhood love of Aurora’s gown.  Yeah, I’m still miffed that they stick her in pink throughout her merchandising, rather than in her canonical blue, but I can’t deny that the lady pulls pink off really well.  You can purchase our Glow-in-the-Dark Aurora Gown on this uber comfy neon pink crew neck sweatshirt.  Seriously.  So comfy.  (I like to get it a size bigger for comfiness plus more comfiness.  It makes sense, I promise.)


The design is cut out of glow-in-the-dark vinyl heat press and, frack, this stuff glows.  I was scared purchasing this at first–what if it was this dingy, wannabe glow?  I couldn’t list that–but it did not disappoint.  Whether it’s sunlight or artificial light, the vinyl sucks it up and once the light goes out you get an excellent green glow.

Second, one of my favorite side characters to come out in the last ten years, Charlotte La Bouff, wore the most bubblegum inspired gown I had ever seen–and, freak, it’s adorable!


Seriously, does Charlotte know how to make an entrance or what?  Bawling black tears one second, tossing glitter over her eyelash-batting eyes the next.  She is an inspiration, and, dang it, I just love that dress of hers!  Nerd Love Shop’s Glow-in-the-Dark Charlotte Gown is also on that freaking comfortable neon pink crew neck sweatshirt–which is a mouth full, but it deserves the recognition for what it is.  Awesome, that’s what.

Next week, our Disney Princesses will go blue, so be sure to check it out!

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