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Tuesday Tunes #33: The Themes of Kingdom Hearts

I want you for a lifetime, so if you’re gonna think twice, baby. I don’t wanna know, baby, I don’t wanna know. I will forever remember when Disney bought Marvel.  My then best friend and future husband, Brad, was thousands of miles away serving a two-year mission in the Dominican Republic (we be Mormons over here, yo).  Our only means of communication was through letters and e-mails, and when the announcement came out that Disney was to purchase Marvel–along with 5,000 of its characters–for $4 billion dollars, I immediately mailed out a copy of a news article to Brad.

We joked that if Disney essentially married itself to Marvel, then a Disney lover (me) should probably marry a Marvel lover (Brad), right?  Well, that joke came true less than two years later in 2011, so, there you go!

But, as cool as the merger of Disney and Marvel in 2009 was, I’ll also never forget the excitement that a simple crossover gave me way back in 2002, as I was able to watch Japanese gaming court Disney.  You know what I’m talking about:  Kingdom Hearts.

The Themes of Kingdom Hearts

When Kingdom Hearts was announced, I about crapped my pants.  Okay, exaggeration.  Sort of.  But seriously, here’s this 12-year-old nerd with a love of all things Disney, anime, and gaming, and to see all of that essentially come together?  So.  Freaking.  Cool.


I finally got my copy for Christmas in December of 2002, and my younger brother and I literally played it for eight hours straight, far into the wee hours of the night.  We were hooked?  Oh, you betcha.  The characters, the story, the worlds, the light versus dark drama, and, oh–the music.

The music of Kingdom Hearts is pure nostalgia.  Of course, a big part of the nostalgia can be attributed to Japanese musical artist, Utada Hikaru.  Her distinctive vocals have made their mark worldwide in both the English and Japanese versions of Kingdom Hearts‘ varying musical themes, as well as several other of the games many sequels and its prequel.

Kingdom Hearts III: Riku Gets a Haircut!

However, it is Kingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts II, and the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts III that provide the three themes of the Kingdom Hearts franchise thus far.  Today, for this week’s Tuesday Tunes, we’re going to highlight those three songs for all the awesomeness that they are!

“Simple and Clean” from Kingdom Hearts

The most iconic theme from the series, “Simple and Clean” can be heard multiple times throughout the game’s series, including several remixed versions utilized as the opening songs for titles such as Birth by Sleep and Chain of Memories.  A fantastic song, great beat, crazy good lyrics.

Whatever lies beyond this morning is a little later on
Regardless of warnings the future doesn’t scare me at all

“Sanctuary” from Kingdom Hearts II

This song is a freaking legit simply in its use of reverse lyrics as a symbolic tool.  Kingdom Hearts II acts begins an almost reverse-Sora lead, including similar reverse-Kairi and further cast as well.  Thus, the inclusion of reverse lyrics within Kingdom Hearts II‘s theme “Sanctuary” is just brilliant.  “Sanctuary” was also remixed and used as the opening themes for several other Kingdom Hearts games.

You show me how to see
That nothing is whole and
Nothing is broken…

“Don’t Think Twice” from Kingdom Hearts III

Considering Kingdom Hearts II came out in 2005, the third installment of the series has been a long-freaking-time coming.  With a rumored 2018 release, fans are lapping up everything the studio throws out–me included.  Part of that was the release of Kingdom Hearts III‘s theme song, again sung by our favorite Utada Hikaru, titled, “Don’t Think Twice”.  I fully imagine popping in the disc and fully bawling as this song starts playing during the opening thematics.  I cannot wait.

I want you for a lifetime, so if you’re gonna think twice, baby
I don’t wanna know, baby, I don’t wanna know

Which is your favorite Kingdom Hearts theme?

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