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Manga Monday #33: Aozora Yell, Chapter 37, Part VI

Uhh, apparently I never posted my BRB announcement for last week.  Awkward.  But hey!  We’re back on the blogosphere for some good ol’ Manga Monday!  Who’s excited?!

Check out parts III, III, IV, and V if you haven’t already.  You can read the first 36-chapters of Aozora Yell on Manga Rock.

Aozora Yell, Chapter 37, Part VI


It turned out to be fairly difficult to fully translate that last line about Mizushima, so I had to sort of best-guess it using what I could understand in conjunction with Tsubasa’s horrified look, haha.  I don’t know what it is about the male dialogue in Aozora Yell, but they always seem to be more difficult for me to translate comfortably!

Nevertheless, it’s definitely clear that Mizushima is going full throttle on this part leader gig–yikes.

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