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Freebie Friday #31: Is Spider-Man Actually an Avenger?

Now that Black Panther has dropped (and thoroughly killed it in the box office, no less), the next Marvel Cinematic Universe story we’re going to witness is Avengers: Infinity War.  Previously to be released the first part of May, Avengers 3 will now hit the big screen on April 27!  Moving up the date of release was done in order to match earlier European release dates, although they did a clever exchange between Robert Downey, Jr. on Twitter to announce it.  It was pretty adorable.


Now, we know that our favorite neighborhood hero is set to appear in the new Avengers film, but we have to ask:  is Spider-Man actually an Avenger this go around?  Considering his past attempts at joining Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, it wouldn’t be surprising if he still isn’t “officially” a member.

Is Spider-Man Actually an Avenger?

In the comics and onward, Spider-Man has been teaming up with the Avengers since he helped take out a robotic Spider-Man from the future with them in 1964.  (Yes, you read that right, a robotic Spider-Man from the future.)

Even with Spidey basically saving their butts this first go-around, Iron Man still flat-out says no to Spider-Man’s request to join.  What the heck, Tony?!


There have been multiple team-ups since then, but that’s all they’ve been–team-ups.  In 1966, Spider-Man ruins his glowing review from Daredevil by duking it out with the Hulk.  Almost two decades later, in 1983, Spidey finally gets another chance only to be barred from joining by the federal government.  Even when he’s finally a semi-card-carrying member in 2005, by 2006 the Civil War arc hits and Spider-Man and Iron Man essentially break-up over the superhero registration issues.

Really, the MCU Spider-Man should consider himself lucky.  Not only did Tony Stark actually seek him out for aid in Captain America: Civil War, but Tony continued his presence with him, and even offered him full-time hero-ship at Stark Tower.  An offer which Peter chose to decline in lieu of a semi-normal high school life in Spider-Man: Homecoming.


So, what does this mean?  If Peter has already refused such a clear invitation to the much-coveted team, is he not an Avenger as of the moment?  What does that mean for Avengers 3?

For me, Spider-Man was an Avenger the second he agreed to participate in Civil War.  I couldn’t see it any other way.  I would have probably cried if Spidey wasn’t a part of every Avengers-esque film from then on–he’s just too perfect to not include him.  However, for Tony and the gang to willingly agree to allow a teen boy on the team to face one of the greatest villains in the entire universe?  That’s where the toss-up is.  But we all know that, deep down, Peter Parker was born to be an Avenger.  Thus, this week’s fabulous free printable, featuring a faux graffitied Avengers A with our arachnid hero dangling from it.



Do you think Spidey is an official Avenger in the MCU?

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