Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes #30: BYU’s Greatest Showman

I think one of the greatest parts of being a nerd is that there’s just so many types of nerdiness.  Honestly, being a nerd applies to anything that you’re freakishly passionate about.  Whether it’s a fandom that has pushed you to pages and pages of fan fiction, or it’s a sport that fills your mind with hours of names and stats, nerdiness applies to anything and anyone.

As long as you gets your heart pumpin’, grabs your interest, and has you doing some crazy things, you are nerd.  Trust me.

BYU’s Greatest Showman

Some of the most epic displays of nerd can honestly be seen at Brigham Young University.  Hey, I can say that–I was one of them.  I graduated with my Bachelor’s in 2014, but I can attest to you that not much has changed in the last four years.  I mean, it’s a school full of Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), people–things get pretty dorky up in Provo, Utah.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let’s just say when no one drinks, students tend to get pretty creative for their enjoyment.  Cue motorized sofa.  (I am so happy that I was there to witness that.)

Beyond our high jinks, BYU’s art program hosts some epic displays of nerdiness.  This includes the impressive animation program, which I at first entered and can say that I was comfortably located with several other nerds.  Really, the entire art program is full of dorks like me!  They come in all the many forms they could ever come in, and it’s amazing to see how something as simple as a love of cartoons can bring us together to build a future on that interest.

BYU’s male a cappella group, Vocal Point, is no different.  They are, quite simply, just nine music nerds, spawning crazy ideas to put on insane performances of the music and shows that they love.  They’ve done full video productions of Beauty and the BeastHerculesNewsies, Toy Story 2, and, most recently, The Greatest Showman.


This medley of the songs from The Greatest Showman included not only Vocal Point, but collegiate dance team the Cougarettes, aerial artists Aeris Aerial Arts, and the BYU broadcasting team.  And dang, it is a good combo.  No shortcuts were taken in this production, it’s truly a sight to see (and, well, hear).

For me, it’s often tough to allow myself to listen to covers of songs that I love, especially when it comes to musicals.  It’s this mixture of the knowledge that nothing can stand against the original, but also, what if they totally botch it?  I don’t think I can handle them tarnishing my babies.  (If you’re a musical lover, you’ll totally understand this.)


Now, The Greatest Showman–which I finally saw on Saturday last week–was beautifully done, and I particularly love the first track, “The Greatest Show” as well as anything Michelle Williams sang.  The filmography was great, the performances, including the acting, were astounding.  And, bonus, there was no my-singing-isn’t-great-but-I’m-famous-so-I-got-the-part person!  (Looking at you, Pierce Brosnan.  And you, Russell Crowe.)

But, would I say it became the dearest, most favorite musical to ever touch my ears?  No, not really.  Is it in the upper bracket of my favorites?  Totally.  Perhaps that’s why I was so willing to immediately give a medley cover of the film a try.


Still, I think that even if you’re a diehard TGS fan you’ll love what you see, Vocal Point just puts in that much effort.  I mean, mirroring the beginning of the film.  Choreographed dancing.  Costumes.  Great filming.  The presentation is just as fantastic as the melded of the tunes.

And hey, they really can sing.

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