Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #29: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

If you hadn’t realized it already based on what I write about a lot, or if you’re just new here, I’m a huge Disney fanatic.  I was a diehard from the begging, a little girl with a rag and a bucket of water, cleaning my front porch steps, and singing “Sing Sweet Nightingale” in my Snow White dress (continuity was a bit off there, I know).  Growing up, my sister and I watched Sleeping Beauty so many times the VHS eventually wore out.  As an adult, I married another Disney fanatic, and our honeymoon was at Disneyland.  And I continue to get myself there year after year because, dude, I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH.

So, if you’re just as much of a Disney lover as I am, and–even better–a Disney Parks lover, this Thursday Threads is definitely for you.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

My family is really into all things Disneyland.  There was a time when we were vacationing there twice a year!  We were there at the 50th anniversary, and then again for the 60th, and bygone we plan to be there for the 70th.

One of our favorite rides is what we simply call, the “Buzz Ride”.  It’s full working title is actually Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, but for my family, right down to my 4-year-old, it’s the Buzz Ride.  And, freak, it’s fun.  (But, no, I cannot take a normal picture in the ride.  That’s asking way too much.)

When my two best friends from high school, my sister, and I set out for our Disneyland trip last February, I knew that we need a Buzz Lightyear something and that it had to be glow-in-the-dark.

Thus, our trip sweatshirts were born (and very, very well utilized–it got pretty chilly at times).

Our whole crew was outfitted with our Buzz-inspired design, including my 4-year-old and my sister’s 2-year-old.  We got a surprising amount of attention for our sweatshirts, especially at night, because, dude–they glow in the dark.  They look extremely cool whether you’re just walking down Main Street U.S.A., or are blastin’ some alien butt on Astro Blasters.

It look me long enough to finally list them for all to enjoy (cough, over a year, cough, cough), but I did it and I’m sharing all their goodness with you guys today.  The sweatshirt has glow-in-the-dark heat press designs for both the front and the back of the sweatshirt, with Buzz’s timeless catchphrase, “To infinity and beyond,” inscribed on the front, and a Buzz on the back gracefully falling with style on the back.

Our To Infinity and Beyond sweatshirt is available on Nerd Love Shop on a black 50/50 poly-cotton blend crew neck sweatshirt.  These sweatshirts are incredibly soft on the inside and come in sizes S to 3XL.

I mean, how great would this look on any dark ride at any Disney Park?

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