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Manga Monday #29: Aozora Yell, Chapter 37, Part II

Today, for Manga Monday, we will continue where we left off in (again, what I presume to be) chapter 37 of Aozora Yell.  Oh man, some pages are so simple to translate fairly well, but others use words that I know in ways that I don’t understand in what I’m guessing the context of the page is.

These few pages had Daisuke using the kanji for “atama”, which means “head”–as in the body part.  It can also mean “captain”, which sort of works with the fact that he was talking about baseball, but it just didn’t seem to make sense.  Thus, I decided that he was talking about starters for the team, which is most likely wrong (because I’m a n00b), but hopefully, it’s close enough to achieve the overreaching message of whatever they were discussing.

Yeah… hopefully.

Aozora Yell, Chapter 37, Part II


Again, to any reading please recall that I literally have no translation experience whatsoever and thus the chunk of this could be way off the mark.  Cross your fingers for an officially licensed translation or, otherwise, that a far more legit scanlation translation will be available at some point!  Because, dude, I have no idea what I’m doing, but, dang it, it’s really fun.

If you’re a fan of Aozora Yell who, like me, just wants to watch Daisuke and Tsubasa’s ship sail already, then hopefully this fills that void a bit!


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