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Thursday Threads #28: Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Supernatural Fan

Yeah, sorry, I’m back and I’m bring up that V-Day topic again.  My bad.

But really, even if you hate Valentine’s Day, you can totally just bypass that part of this post and just appreciate it for what it really is:  Some freaking legit Supernatural-inspired t-shirts.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Supernatural Fan

The September that the very first Supernatural episode aired it was 2005 and I was fifteen-years-old.  I ended up watching it with my mom and dad, and thus began what has become a family-wide fandom for all things Sam, Dean, and now Castiel (it’s weird realizing that there was a time of no Castiel).


Supernatural is still running 13-seasons later and has managed to snag a cult-like, almost scarily dedicated following (me included), all while building a newfound fondness for “Carry On My Wayward Son” and weaving a complex mythology full of inside jokes.  It’s a fandom that’s fun to be apart of (yes, we have a GIF for that) and it’s a show that is every bit serious as it is silly.

What can I say?  Over here at Nerd Love Shop, we’re big fans of Supernatural.  Thus, we have a three t-shirts to show you that were inspired by that very love, t-shirts that the Supernatural fan in your life would most likely love for Valentine’s Day or, well, any day!

You Know Who Whines?  Babies.


Really, Cas?  You’re “unpracticed” with firearms?  Pshh, Dean knows how to handle whiners.  In fact, he was probably told this very same thing from John, don’t you think?  Grab this gray t-shirt in either adult unisex or women’s fitted on Nerd Love Shop.

Sam’s Shoe


I think that the fact that one of the most well-loved lines of the series is, “I lost my shoe,” speaks volumes about the hilarity in Supernatural.  Seriously, Sam’s face at the moment when he utters those words is just too perfect.  Check out this shirt in store, available in adult unisex and women’s fitted sizing on a white 100% cotton t-shirt!

They’re Just Doughnuts, They’re Not Love


More hard truths from the one Dean Winchester, and what a said truth it is.  I mean, are they really just doughnuts?  Well, either way this is a delicious t-shirt for any Supernatural fan, available in our store in both women’s fitted and adult unisex sizes.

So, what’re you getting your Supernatural Valentine this year?

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