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Manga Monday #28: Aozora Yell, Chapter 37, Part I

Remember how last Monday I introduced you to a manga titled Aozora Yell?  Well, unfortunately, we haven’t seen new releases for it for a year.  And I was dying.  DYING to find out what happened next.  I scoured the internet for raws, was lucky enough to find a treasure trove of Aozora-raw-goodness.

Of course, being the raw scans of the manga, what I was looking at was entirely in Japanese.  Thus began my foray into translating Japanese to English.  I first did a test by translating a chapter that had already been scanlated.  Surprisingly, my backdoor method of translating turned up a decent comparison to the professionals.

So this week’s Manga Monday, I’ll be showing you something new–n00b manga scanlating!  Yes, I am a total hack.  No, I cannot certify the reliability of my translations (trust me, there’s a lot of guesswork on my part).  What I can do, however, is provide a sample taste of what’s to come for other readers who are also at the edge of their seat, waiting to see what happens next in Aozora Yell.

Aozora Yell, Chapter 37, Part I

I was only able to get five pages done from what I’m presuming to be chapter 37.  (Since the raws I downloaded are compiled by volumes, I’m not 100% sure where one chapter begins and another ends, to be honest!)


A lot of the translation was difficult to pin down, especially as a novice who’s utilizing a LOT of dictionary/internet help, but hopefully, I got the general gist of what was going on correctly.  (Don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job.)

Beyond on the language snags, I actually had a lot of fun in the process of translating and scanlating, so I’m hoping to make this a weekly thing to help me practice while at the same time being able to read on in series that haven’t seen a lot of activity lately, like Aozora Yell or even Berry Dynamite.

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