Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #27: DNA

I think one of the greatest things about being a nerd is that it’s not really a keep-it-to-yourself thing anymore.  In fact, wouldn’t you say nerdiness is sort of trendy at the moment?

I know that a lot of people get upset when they’re underground fandom goes mainstream, but I LOVE IT.  I love having more people to geek out with, I love having greater opportunities to take part in what I love, and, seriously, why would I get snuffy about my fandom’s success?  I mean, come on.


BTS is possibly one of the fastest growing fandoms I’ve ever seen.  Considering I’m three-years late entering the game, I am one of those people who came in as their popularity peaked.  And man, am I glad to finally know what makes BTS so great!

RM’s face is just really cute in this one.  But Jungkook is my bias!

Although there are many reasons to become a BTS fan, one of them that–as an English-speaker–we can miss is the lyrical value of their music.  While songs like, “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2” give us the push to get back again, others like, “Love Yourself: Her” are all about the warm, romantic fuzzies we wish to hear from these boys.

For today’s freebie, however, I had to turn back to the first BTS song that I ran upon, “DNA”.  This is one of the two songs they performed on New Year’s Eve, and again it has some fantastic lyrical value.  If you look at the English translation, you find what reads like a love of the ages–and it’s beyond beautiful.

If you simply listen to the song, “DNA” can read more like just another party tune.  Rather, the fact is that “DNA” has a lot more to it.  The lyrics are remarkable, and you’ll find that as a common thread in BTS’s music.  It’s insane to think of the talent of this seven-member group, and it’s certainly an awe to behold sometimes!

Freebie Friday is in celebration of BTS’s epic wording in “DNA”, a song that will forever be one of my favorite romantic songs and a perfect first free printable for the month of February!



Again, I love the idea of you guys using our prints as an inexpensive but thoughtful gift!  Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up, this free printable would be a legit Valentine’s gift for the BTS fan in your life!

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