Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #26: “Cooler than a pack of peppermints.”

You know how your kids get REALLY into a movie?  And you’re like, not 100% feelin’ it like they are?  Well, today’s post is dedicated to that idea.

This is for all those parents out there.

“Cooler than a pack of peppermints.”

I have a son, four-years-old, and two daughters, twin two-year-olds that’ll be three in July.  And you want to know what movie they love? Trolls.


Whether or not you’re a parent yourself, you’ve heard of this film, or at least recognize these characters because the merchandise is every where.  Seriously.  However, if you do have some kidlets, you may be in the same camp that I am.  You know, being forced to watch the movie a million times, neon and fuzzy toys strewn about your home.  Then, just when you think you’re free because you’re in the car, the demands for listening to the soundtrack begin.  It’s an endless battle.  (Just give in.)

You know what makes it worse?  Trolls, while not the worst children’s film your little folks could obsess over, is also not the greatest movie ever.  I mean, the resolution is that they dance the Bergens into happiness?  Like, what?  They magically are all, “Oh, wow, I never thought about that.  I won’t eat Trolls anymore!”  I mean, yeah, plot holes aside, Branch is pretty awesome and that cloud guy is pretty great.  But still.  It’s no WALL-E.


Regardless of any misgivings I may have about the film, my kids certainly don’t care.  They don’t care that the movie is a giant re-hash of a bunch of music that the studio clearly was itching to use before their licenses for them died, nope.  They don’t question where-in-the-heck that four-legged guy came from, nope.  They love Poppy and her cronies, flaws and all.  I’m sure there’s a lesson in that, right?

Don’t get me wrong.  Trolls really is just fine as a film.  And, considering it’s success, the new Netflix show, and an impending sequel, my opinion on the film truly doesn’t matter, does it?  Because, in the end, kids love it.  Lots of my adult female friends love it.  The voice casting is strong, vocals are on spot, and the casting is high-quality.  And the whole “Hello Darkness” scene with the spider kills me.  So, maybe I should just shut my mouth… cough, cough.


So, with the Trolls love going strong, I should probably just concede to the lovin’ and focus on the things I like.  Like “Get Back Up Again”, for instance.  One of the few tracks original to the film, “Get Back Up Again” is sung by Anna Kendrick and is both catchy and humorous–my cup of tea.  Thus, my version of a Trolls free printable is less Trolls-y and more lyric-y, featuring one of my favorite lines from “Get Back Up Again”.



And, hey, this print is pretty Valentine’s-y, don’t you think?  Print this out, frame it, add a minty treat and bow and BOOM.  Happy Valentine’s Day.  Am I right?!

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