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Freebie Friday #25: “It only took a moment to be loved a whole life long.”

Ah, love.  TWUE LOVE.  What’s better than a good love story?  I mean, come on, isn’t that the whole reason the Hallmark Channel exists, because we just love stories of love so gosh darn much!  The tropes of romance are easily consumed, and thus are the perfect crutch for lazy storytelling.

Pixar has a unique perspective on romance, in my opinion, and today’s freebie is inspired by that.

“It only took a moment to be loved a whole life long.”

While love stories–especially within the realm of Disney–are a dime a dozen, the love we see in Pixar’s films always seem to come from a different perspective and to serve a deeper purpose to the storyline beyond just, “Hey, it’s the power of true love!”

While much of WALL-E seems to be a trend-following piece on environmentalism, including a stark depiction of humanity and its effect on the planet, WALL-E‘s love story shows us something a bit deeper.  Through the eyes of WALL-E and EVE we are able to see that, as humans, we are so ingrained in our distractive programming–the habits and routines that we meet every day–that we often aren’t actually engaging with people.


The entire film is essentially about the need for connection.  From WALL-E’s interest in holding EVE’s hand, down to that same physical connection spurring him back to life in the end–we need to connect to really be alive.  Thus, the decision to include the small portion of “It Only Takes a Moment” (from the 1964 musical Hello, Dolly!) makes a lot of sense:

And that is all that love’s about
And we’ll recall when time runs out
That it only took a moment
To be loved a whole life long


WALL-E is a story about the essential connections that we get through love and about how, when we simply take that moment, we can “be loved a whole life long”.  AND I LOVE THAT.  I’m so happy that my kids latched onto this movie as a favorite because, holy crap, I love me some WALL-E.

Today’s freebie is perfect for anyone in your life that you’re grateful you made the connection with!  Seriously, how cute would this be in a baby’s room?



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