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Thursday Threads #25: Disneyland Honeymoon Couples T-Shirts

Seven years ago this July, I was a 20-year-old newly married youngin’ on my week-long honeymoon in Anaheim, California.  Of course, five of those days were dedicated to my new husband’s and my Disney fanaticism, fed quite nicely with Park Hopper Passes for Disneyland and California Adventure.

Ever since we first vaguely discussed our marriage ideals when we were 18-year-old high school graduates, Disneyland was always going to be a part of the equation.  It had to be!  Here we are, roaring towards our seventh anniversary, and I find myself particularly fond of our costumers contacting us for couples t-shirts to wear to their own Disney honeymooning.  So, this post is for you Disney honeymooners, and all the other Disney-lovin’ couples out there!

Disneyland Honeymoon Couples T-Shirts

Alright, clearly I have a bias here, but Disneyland truly is the happiest place on earth–especially if you know the system.  I was lucky enough to grow up in a Disney family with a dad who knew exactly what he was doing.  Thanks to my years of training under his expertise, I was able to show Bradley a whole new side to just how kick-butt Disneyland can be.  You know, when you get on all the major rides, all before 11 A.M.

Brad and me in one of the swinging gondolas on the Mickey Ferris wheel ride in California Adventure on our honeymoon.  It’s surprisingly scary.  Seriously, it’ll surprise you!

If you’re not yet a Disney Park expert, just remember:

  1. Get to the park early.
  2. Fast Pass first.
  3. Get in line for something else.
  4. If your Fast Pass 2-hour window hasn’t passed, get in line for another ride.
  5. Get a new Fast Pass, then go use your first Fast Pass.
  6. Repeat 4 and 5 until you die of happiness.

Okay, there are a lot of blogs that offer a much more in-depth explanation of rockin’ the ride circuit, but there are the basics for you!  Beyond that, I can also help you and your new spouse to look awesome during your Disney honeymooning experience.  Really, each of these designs is a great addition to any honeymoon destination and are the perfect give for the newlywed Disney fans in your life.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

We’ve DisneyBounded these puppies before, but they bear repeating because they’re just so perfect for the occasion.  I mean, hello, Mr. and Mrs.?  Yep.  Perfection.

Mrs. Potato Head and Mr. Potato Head T-Shirts from Nerd Love Shop

Both shirts are available in adult unisex sizing, and Mrs. Potato Head also comes in women’s fitted sizing.

Predator and Prey

Again, we’ve seen Judy and Nick on Thursday Threads before, but their cuteness cannot be denied.  (Not to mention that our Predator and Prey designs have tagged along to several customer’s honeymoons already!)

Predator and Prey T-Shirts from Nerd Love Shop

Both designs are available in adult unisex and women’s fitted sizing.

“I Love You.”  “I Know.”

Oh Han and Leia, our favorite feisty relationship.  Sure, The Force Awakens showed us a relationship in tatters, but that doesn’t diminish the flame that we fanned in the original trilogy, and that’s not to say that Star Wars fans can’t celebrate our favorite intergalactic couple.  HAN AND LEIA FOREVER.

I Love You and I Know T-Shirts from Nerd Love Shop

The “I Love You” design is offered in adult unisex as well as women’s fitted, while “I Know” comes in adult unisex.

Buzz and Jesse

These shirts were actually designed as a special request for a customer’s Disney honeymoon, and are available for any other Toy Story lovers out there for their own honeymoon!  Please send all videos of Spanish Buzz reenactments to us, seriously.

Buzz Silhouette and Jesse Silhouette T-Shirts from Nerd Love Shop

Both shirts can be purchased in adult unisex as well as women’s fitted!

Dumb Bunny, Sly Fox

This Zootopia set has already been seen here, but it can’t be left out–they’re practically built for a Disney honeymoon!

Dumb Bunny and Sly Fox T-Shirts from Nerd Love Shop

Both shirt designs are offered in adult unisex as well as women’s fitted.

Mind Control Ties

Hey, Gravity Falls is Disney, and how legit would it be for you and your significant other to parade around in these on your honeymoon?  Bonus if you can find fellow fans who appreciate your Mind Control Ties!

Mind Control Ties T-Shirts from Nerd Love Shop

Again, both of these shirts come in adult and women’s sizing.

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