Watch Wednesday

Watch Wednesday #25: Black Panther Trailer Screencaps

With its February release (THANKFULLY) closing in, Black Panther has us pumped for what will be a movie of a lesser-known hero who must face his royal birthright in the face of adversity after his father’s death.  T’Challa’s story, filled with minority characters who dodge their typical tropes, is long overdue.  There has been a long-unfulfilled need for more diverse casts, characters, and stories in the superhero film world, and Black Panther is looking to address that.

Black Panther himself has been named the most anticipated superhero of 2018, and the film is predicted to make $90 million on its opening weekend.  With the last trailer due to drop next Monday, and considering the fact that I’m just SO FREAKING EXCITED to finally get to see this movie, Watch Wednesday is full of 80+ screencaps of the last trailer we got.  Go re-watch the trailer, come back to oogle these screencaps, and try not to pee yourself when the new trailer is released on January 8.

My gosh, T’Challa is a beautiful man.

Black Panther Trailer Screencaps


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