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Tuesday Tunes #25: Happy (BTS) New Year!

If you were watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, then you watched BTS hit a worldwide scale of exposure.  Rocking two insanely well-choreographed performances, their hashtag, #BTSxRockinEve, actually went on to completely obliterate the show’s original hashtag on Twitter.

Yes, BTS is going to take over the world.

Happy (BTS) New Year!

2017 was a huge year for the Korean music industry as a whole, and that’s in large part thanks to BTS, who not only appeared to help us non-Koreans ring in 2018 but also as the first Korean band to ever appear on the American Music Awards.  They made their fair share of late night talk show circuit runs, and made K-pop history when their hit, “MIC Drop”, debuted at No. 28 on the Billboard Hot 100.


To put it simply, the fact that a Korean boy band made its way onto one of America’s top yearly music programs is a huge deal.  Of course, any time a foreign musician is able to break their way into the American music scene it’s a pretty big deal–because it just doesn’t happen very often.  And even when it does, most often the language is Spanish, definitely not Korean!

For a K-pop fan, getting the chance to see your fan favorite perform LIVE on your soil on a show like this?  Well, that used to be like begging for a miracle!  So, yeah, BTS, you can take over the world.  Show everybody what makes K-pop so freaking lovable (shockingly, it’s not just about oogling at lots of cute Korean boys).


BTS is just a start to something that could grow into a much bigger movement than just strengthening the Korean Wave.  Hey, why not let the floodgates open, and allow even more foreign exposure onto the American music charts?  Because, dude, music is great in every tongue–not just English.

This may be a slow movement, it may not really amount to anything for a while, but while we wait to see what BTS’s early waves will amount to, let’s just watch their performances of “MIC Drop” and “DNA” at Rockin’ Eve a few more times.  Just for fun.  Oh, if you’re like the other thousands of girls on Twitter wondering “who the red-haired guy is”, that’s Jung, better known as J-Hope.  You’re welcome.

“MIC Drop” performed by BTS on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

“DNA” performed by BTS on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

How do you feel about BTS?  Who else would you like to see on U.S. soil?

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes #25: Happy (BTS) New Year!

  1. BTS deserves to be on these kind of shows and more! They bring a lot of eyes anywhere they go. I’ve been noticing for example, often times they get like double the views or more of whatever other acts are on the same shows . It’s cray cray really. If I could pick another group to join the level of success they have it would without a doubt be Blackpink. It’s the only group I think has the biggest chance. 🙂


    1. I need to check out Blackpink! And seriously, if you look at the Twitter page for Rockin’ Eve, the amount of likes on the BTS-focused posts were in the tens of thousands, while all the others were quite meager in comparison, haha. BTS has a social media prowess that few can compete with, that’s for sure, and they draw real crowds wherever they go!


    1. I’m just jumping into the fandom, but I’m so obsessed with “Mic Drop” it’s insane. I think my bias would have to be Jungkook! I checked out your blog, I loved your BTS post!


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