Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #24: Snow White and Prince Charming

Today, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves turns 80 years old.  How insane is that?!

Growing up, Snow White was my first favorite Disney Princess.  I remember my mom had a neighbor make me my own dress like Snow’s; I would wear it, grab a bucket, and go and wash the front steps.  (Which, you know, what kind of a princess confusion on my part, because Cinderella was more a stairs-cleaner than Snow, but hey, it works.)

Snow White and Prince Charming

Although Snow White is a mark in animation history, and the beginning of Disney’s, it’s also pretty underdeveloped by today’s standards.  Not only is its main character, Snow White, not really the main character as she’s completely driven by the plot, her prince is in the movie for what feels like twelve seconds.  (And he sort of looks like a girl.)


Much of the early princess animated classics have this feeling.  I do have to say that Cinderella III, a later Disney sequel that’s actually really good, expanded the faceless prince character and it was AWESOME.  I wish that Snow White’s prince had that sort of courtesy as well.  I mean, I can’t be the only one who wishes that we could get a look into the actual dynamic between the Disney prince and princesses.

I saw this in a real-life recreation a long time ago, this cute idea of Prince Charming and Snow’s dynamic post-fairytale, and I thought it was so freaking adorable I wanted to recreate it for a print.  We don’t know much about Prince Charming, but, if he’s as charming as his name states, then he probably “tests” out apples for Snow all the time!



I wish we could see something like this on screen, but, alas, 80-years later we’ll have to stick with our imaginations.  Happy 80th anniversary, Snow White!

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