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Tuesday Tunes #24: Top 5 SHINee Songs–You Did Well, Jonghyun

If you weren’t already aware, one of SHINee’s band members, Jonghyun, committed suicide on Monday.  While I could spend today’s blog post using Jonghyun’s early death (he was my age, 27-years-old) as a step-off to discussing the notoriously strict and high-pressure environment of the Korean entertainment industry, I think I’d rather look at the shining points of Jonghyun’s life.  In light of the tragedy that occurred, for today I thought it would be a great use of Tuesday Tunes to introduce you guys to some of SHINee’s five fan favorite hits over the last 9-years since their 2008 debut.

Photo Source:  CNN

Jonghyun’s death has already seen mass mourning by family, friends, fans, and industry professionals alike.  He was markedly talented, and often referred to as one of the most well-rounded talents in the industry.  While I have never really paid any mind to SHINee, I wanted to take a moment to find out fan’s favorite songs, and pass those along to anyone else who, like me, may not know of Jonghyun’s work or SHINee very well.  Jonghyun, full name Kim Jong-hyun, will be missed, that much is clear.

Top 5 SHINee Songs–You Did Well, Jonghyun

#5 – “Hello”


#4 – “Sherlock (Clue + Note)”


#3 – “Ring Ding Dong”


#2 – “Replay”


#1 – “Lucifer”


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