Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #23: Merry Sithmas

Frak, Christmas is looming in on us, isn’t it?  Are you guys ready?  Got your to-do list checked off, ready to go?  I still have quite a few things to wrap and put together.  Every year I have these DIY gift ideas, thinking, “Oh yeah, I’ll totally finish this early, and I definitely won’t have to stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve to hurry and finish it!”

I still have just over a week to, you know, actually get started on these things, but hey, just to keep things exciting, I’ll probably stall a little longer to get started!  (Kids, don’t grow up to be like me.)

Merry Sithmas

Aghh, I’m dying to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi!  We–myself, my husband, and my big sis–actually managed to all win tickets to free screenings of the film, but we have to wait until tomorrow.  Worst of all, I think I ran into a GIANT MEGA SPOILER yesterday on Facebook.

I do so love the promotional posters they’ve had for The Last Jedi.

I mean, I know lots of my friends were getting pretty heated with the, “NO SPOILERS!” warnings for The Last Jedi, but I didn’t think it was actually that hard for me to be able to make until Saturday afternoon spoiler free.  Sad face.  Dramatic music.  Tears.  Sigh.  Merry Sithmas to me.

Well, no spoilers here, folks.  This blog is a safe place for fellow Star Wars fans to gather in a joyous cheer for the Sithmas season.  Haven’t seen the movie yet?  Maybe this printable will help you hang on until you finally get to.  Are you a holiday procrastinator like I am?  Well, then maybe this freebie will help you out with some last minute gifting!



You ready to spread some Sithmas cheer with this free printable?  Available for you as an 8×10 in both JPEG and PDF format, this puppy is easy to print yourself at home or send off for same-day printing!  Grab a sleek modern frame like this $3 one from Walmart, slap it up on the wall, and BAM.  Your house looks awesome.

Have any of you had a movie spoiled for you?  Is it not one of the worst feelings in the world?!

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