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Thursday Threads #23: 7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Gravity Falls Fans

I love shopping for people who are super into a particular fandom.  For my husband, that’s Marvel.  More specifically, it’s Spider-Man.  I remember going to a surprise party for him and his twin’s seventeenth birthdays and every other present for Bradley was Spider-Man!  To this day, that’s pretty much what his birthday and Christmas look like–and he’s never disappointed.

Of course, when you’re less acquainted with the gift receiver’s fandom of choice, it can make finding the right gift a little difficult.  Today’s post for anyone trying to find the perfect gift for someone who loves Gravity Falls as much as I do!

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Gravity Falls Fans

I’ve already gushed about my love for this series, which follows 12-year-old twins Dipper and Mabel Pines and their supernatural summer adventures in Gravity Falls, Oregon.  Gravity Falls isn’t just funny, or creepy, or intriguing–it’s just plain awesome.  Perhaps that’s too lame of a way to put it, but it’s true.

If you haven’t touched the series yet, you should really go check it out.  Go on, it’s on Hulu in its entirety, you won’t regret it.  JOIN US, FRIENDS.


Okay, beyond trying to creepily recruit new fans into the fandom, whether you’re a Gravity Falls fan yourself or you’ve run upon this post hoping to pick something up for a Gravity Falls fan in your life, hopefully, my suggestions are helpful to you.  It’s especially hard shopping within a fandom that you have no touch with–trust me, I’ve been there.

As a fan myself, I do semi-guarantee (does that legally bind me to something?  Does adding the “semi-” to my “guarantee” help prevent lawsuits?  Fingers crossed) that these Christmas gift ideas are sure to delight anyone who loves them some Pines twins, Grunkel Stan, and barfing gnomes–you know, Gravity Falls.


  1. Gray/Blue Mind Control Tie T-Shirt, Nerd Love Shop, $14.95+
  2. Red/Blue Mind Control Tie T-Shirt, Nerd Love Shop, $14.95+
  3. Journal #3, Walmart, $11.99
  4. Bill Tote Bag, Redbubble, $19.84
  5. Waddles Plush, eBay, $12.14
  6. Truth Telling Teeth Digital Download Print, Nerd Love Shop, $4.00
  7. Don’t Color This Book!: It’s Cursed! Coloring Book, Amazon, $10.39

Are you a Gravity Falls fan?  Which one of these would you like wrapped up under your tree?


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