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Manga Monday #23: Trash Bird is My Spirit Animal

Even if you don’t recognize his name, Reza Farazmand has no doubt crossed your eye at some point.  Not physically him, per say, but his art?  There’s a pretty high chance, I’d bet.  He’s the guy behind the one of the largest Facebook comic books, Poorly Drawn Lines.

Farazmand’s comics are visually simply and border on make-me-pee-myself and just-spit-up-my-milk on the laughter scale.  To put it frankly, this guy is a friggin’ genius when it comes to comic humor.  His original comic on Webtoon, Trash Bird, is no different, giving us a main character who is not only truly funny, he’s spirit animal quality, too.

Trash Bird is My Spirit Animal

Trash Bird
Reza Farazmand
135 chapters (ongoing)

Trash Bird highlights the day-to-day happenings of Trash Bird, a character who is literally a bird standing on a pile of trash.  It’s simply, and it’s oh-so-perfect.  Trash Bird’s inner workings bring endless hilarity with each new panel, and proves time and time again that Trash Bird is destined for greatness, and here are five totally hilarious Trash Bird comics to prove it!

#1 – Nostalgia


Trash Bird just gets life, you know?  Such a wise bird.

#2 – Logic


We all do this, most of us just aren’t gutsy enough to admit it.  Trash Bird has those guts.  Which sounds gross, but really it’s cool, I promise.

#3 – Happiness


I can’t even blame him, that’s amazing.

#4 – Fitness


Also highly amazing.  Trash Bird is a bird to beat all birds.  In taco eating contests, at least.  Which is totally a sport.

#5 – Present


“A present would be a serious upgrade.”  I love Trash Bird.  And really, it’s true.  Don’t worry about the future, there could be presents!

That’s only a tiny sampling of the greatness that is Trash Bird.  What’re you waiting for?  There’s another 130-episodes of awesomeness waiting for you on Webtoon!  Trash Bird updates every Tuesday.

So you’re welcome.

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