Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday #21: The Voltron “V”

If there’s one thing that makes a show enjoyable to watch, it’s great costumes, am I right?  Especially when it comes to any tale that involves a person or group becoming some sort of a hero or heroes, you know you’ve got to look at the wardrobe.

still find myself wondering that, upon the rare chance that I fall into a vat of radioactive waste or something and get superpowers, what in the world will I wear?!  Especially if my superpower is sort of lame (such as the power to make my thighs grow big or something), if I at least get a good look out I may be able to convince people I’m far cooler than I really am.

Seriously, costuming is crucial.  And I love how Voltron pulled their team’s look together.

The Voltron “V”


Considering that Voltron itself is a giant mega-robot, that is then broken down into five lion pretty-mega-robots, Voltron is pretty cool on its own.  So that fact that its five pilots look so dang good is just a great plus.

It’s fun to compare the current style to that of the original cartoon, which was still quite sleek but definitely had that 80s vibe with the bulbous shoulders and the rounded space-age racer helmets.  Still, it’s cool to look at how much the modern structuring of the suits was inspired by the original ones.  You can tell that they tried to stick true to the original while adding a more armor-like look by adding more angling and tones (and less belt buckle, darn it all).


I especially love how they interpreted the characteristic Voltron “V” on the suits.  Adding a diamond-shaped cleft to the split adds a lot of appeal to the design, again making their outfits appear more like armor than a spandex spacesuit.  Even more, and this is semi-spoiler territory for season 4 of Voltron, Allura gets her own official pink Voltron suit!  And she’s adorable, as usual.  I love that Altean princess, yes I do.

Hopefully you love the Voltron insignia as much as I do, because for this Friday’s freebie I’m offering up 8x10s of every member’s Voltron “V”.  Shiro, Lance, Keith, Pidge, Hunk, Allura–no matter who’s you’re favorite of the six, I’ve got their coloration below!

To download, simply click your favorite Voltron member insignia’s image and it’ll take you directly to the 300 DPI, 8×10 JPEG file.  How cool would this be for an easy Christmas gift to the Voltron lover in your life?  Just download the image, get it printed, and frame it.  Wah-la, cool and original Voltron Christmas gift!

Who’s your favorite Voltron pilot?  I’m partial to Pidge, myself.  She’s all sorts of awesome.

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