Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #21: Team Loki

Okay, I’m still reeling from yesterday’s Infinity War trailer release.  Guys, IT’S GOING TO BE SO EPIC.  And I was realizing yesterday that my theory about Loki giving Thanos the Space Stone could be very likely true, and that’s due to what was shown at the Comic Con panel earlier this year.

Team Loki

The sneak preview–which you can see here–has quite a bit of the footage we saw yesterday, but it also has a large chunk at the beginning featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy, riding through space, when Thor smacks into their windshield.  They pull him into the ship, Mantis waking Thor up, which prompts the scene that is at the end of the trailer we saw yesterday, “Who the hell are you guys?”


If we place the scenes of the piles of dead and Loki handing over the Tesseract towards the beginning of Infinity War, then we can assume that Thor and his group faced Thanos first (which, spoiler alert, would coincide with the post-credits ending of Thor: Ragnarok).

What if Thor ends up floating through space because he was tossed out there by Thanos and his Dark Order?  And so, what if, facing his brother gone, the bodies of dead Asgardians surrounding him, Loki feels compelled to offer surrender in order to save whoever is left?  What if the MCU is going to continue to approach a more comic-Loki-focused character, someone who is certainly the God of Mischief, but not necessarily a villain?


Maybe, come May 2018, I’ll be proven wrong.  Maybe Loki is just in it for himself.  But, judging by Thor’s appearance when he meets up with the Guardians in conjunction with the state of things as Loki hands the Tesseract over, I think they all fought hard before Loki made the choice to surrender.  What can I say?  I’m Team Loki over here.

This thought process is what had me creating the shirt that I want to share with you guys today.  When Captain America: Civil War came out (which is currently my favorite Marvel film), I made a series of shirts featuring Cap and Iron Man’s team players.  This included Team Cap, Team Iron Man, Team Bucky, and so on.  (Check them all out in the Marvel section of our shop.)  And, well, I decided that it was high time for me to add a Team Loki shirt!


Offered in adult unisex as well as women’s fitted on a heather gray, our Team Loki shirt is for all of those burdened with glorious purpose.  I know I am!

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