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Watch Wednesday #21: Infinity War Trailer Breakdown

The culminating story of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Infinity War hopes to bring together what will have been ten years in the making by the time it drops in 2018.  Beginning in 2008, spanning an entire roster of characters, multiple settings, all of that will have to come together in a way that’s unexpected but believable.  And dang, that’s a lot of pressure.

Infinity War Trailer Breakdown

Unless you live in a social-media-less hole, you know that the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War dropped today.  AND IT WAS AMAZING.  Cap?  Oh, my.  Looking good, Steve, looking good.  And did anyone else freak out when we saw Peter’s Spidey Sense?  I just about died.  So glad that power has awakened for Peter this round.


Beyond the usual excitement and squees, this trailer was a great drop because it offers not only a view of the Avengers’s roster for the newest film, but it also gives us a lot to chew on for fan theorizing.  For today’s Watch Wednesday, I’m going to break down the trailer a bit and offer my thoughts on what this means for Avengers: Infinity WarIf you haven’t seen Marvel films up to Thor: Ragnarok, there will be some spoilers ahead, so just be warned.

Thanos Has the Power and Space Stones


Clearly, Thanos has somehow retrieved the Power Stone, which was left in the care of the Nova Corp in Guardians of the Galaxy.  More interesting is his acquisition of the Space Stone, which Loki retrieves from his father’s vault prior to the destruction of Asgard at the end of Thor: Ragnarok.  This, in conjunction with other scenes in the trailer, means…

Loki Gives Thanos the Space Stone


One very interesting early part in the trailer shows what appears to be Loki, walking over the bodies of several dead people, offering up the Tesseract to–presumably–Thanos.

Now, everyone’s first thought is, of course, “There goes Loki again.  He be betrayin’ everyone up in here.”  (Okay, no one actually voiced it like that.)  However, if we assume that the bodies he’s walking over are that of the Asgardian people, maybe there’s a different assumption to be made.


If Loki’s come-to-Thor moment in Thor: Ragnarok is to be believed (which, considering the great relationship developments in the film, I believe it is), then Loki choosing to betray his brother just to save his own butt seems lack-luster at best.

Rather, I think if we choose to see those bodies to be of Asgardians, we can guess that perhaps Loki chooses to surrender the stone in order to save what’s left of the remnant of his people.  Most likely this is done against Thor’s wishes, but for Loki’s mindset to be more outwardly focused makes more sense then him doing it only for his own interests.

Vision Could Die


Thanos’s entire purpose for invading Earth is for him and his cronies to retrieve the Infinity Stones.  Since Vision’s entire existence is thanks to the Mind Stone, his life is immediately put on the table.

It’s kind of hard to guess anything otherwise due to the scene of what is most likely Corvus Glaive (one of Thanos’s Dark Order, but that’s not what the group will be called in the film), attempting to rip the Infinity Stone from Vision’s forehead.  Of course, maybe there’s some caveat that will allow Vision to live.  However, considering it’s the Mind Stone keeping him alive, I think we can assume that it literally acts as a brain for him.  Without a brain, your body cannot survive, so the outlook isn’t great for Vision.


Of course, this happens the second him and Scarlet Witch get together.  Is Joss Whedon still writing this?  I mean, I knew this was going to happen from the get-go.  In fact, the second Vision came to life in Age of Ultron, my husband, Brad, leaned over and told me, “Yeah, he’ll die in Infinity Wars.”  So, you know, I’ve been prepared.


Say Hello to Thanos’s Other Children


Although we only catch blurry glances or just views of their weapons (like Coruvs’s blade, used to retrieve the Mind Stone from Vision), I know my fellow nerds caught on to these Easter eggs.

Already revealed to be apart of the film at the D23 Expo in July of this year, Thanos’s own Avengers will be called the Children of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity Wars.  These four children are Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight (pictured above), Ebony Maw, and Black Dwarf.

Cap catching Proxima Midnight’s staff.

These “children” are the pseudo-siblings of Gamora and Nebula, aliens that were taken in their youth to become warriors for Thanos.  These four, however, are dutifully employed.  Judging by the trailer, Thanos will most likely have them split up to attack the Infinity Stones at multiple locations at once, thus meaning…

The Avengers Are Split Into Varying Locations


Although I’m sure there will be a big, ultimate team-up moment with the majority of the super-roster present, initially the film seems like it’ll have the Avengers split-up into their prospective locations.

First and foremost is probably Thor and the Guardians, because those are the first two gems we see Thanos dropping into his shiny glove in the Infinity War trailer.


This probably means a few things.  One, the first part of the movie is going to start in space.  Two, once the first two stones are taken, Thor is going to lead the expedition to earth, knowing that the other Infinity Stones are present there.  After that, all heck is going to break loose, and while certain members like Wanda will be in the fight to protect Vision, others like Doctor Strange will be fighting to protect Eye of Agamotto (the Time Stone), and so on.

The Soul Stone is in Wakanda


The Soul Stone, the only Infinity Stone with a yet-to-be-revealed location, is the last big reveal we’ve been waiting for in preparation for Infinity War.  While I speculated that the stone would be somewhere in Thor: Ragnarok, that turned out to not be true.  So, where in the heck is it, and will it be revealed before Infinity War?

Black Panther, coming out in February (I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED) and the last MCU film to release before Infinity War, is obviously everyone’s next guess for the Soul Stone’s location.  However, considering that there’s obviously a hecka big battle going on in Wakanda thanks to several shots in the trailer, I think we can safely say that, yep, there’s an Infinity Stone there.


Also, considering that Wakanda is this elusive, secret, technologically advanced city hidden on the African plains, it may not be too far-fetched to think that their lifestyle can be partially attributed to an Infinity Stone’s power, right?  I mean, Bucky’s all healed up in the trailer thanks to their advances in medical technology, so who knows.

And dang, I love me some T’Challa.  He is freaking legit.  If you haven’t seen the trailer yet (I won’t judge too much), you can watch it below!

What’re your thoughts about the Infinity Wars trailer?

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