Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #20: Dress, Animal Sidekick, Princess


Since it’s the holiday of eating (and, okay, giving thanks and stuff) today in the U.S., I’m keeping today’s post short and sweet.

Dress, Animal Sidekick, Princess

So, we checked out a Moana design last Thursday, but is that going to keep me from more Moana shirts?  Uh, no.  No, it is not.  This scene from the movie is too great to be passed along for another week.

Moana: Okay, first, I’m not a princess. I’m the daughter of the chief.
Maui: Same difference.
Moana: No.
Maui: If you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you’re a princess.


I mean, he’s not wrong.

And he also inspired one of my favorite toddler designs that we have–Dress, Animal Sidekick, Princess.  This design is perfect for a little Moana lover, or just those who are clearly qualified to be a princess but just won’t admit it.


That picture will forever slay me.  Maren was on spot that day!  This shirt comes in toddler (2T-4T) and youth (XS-XL) sizes, but can be printed on adult and women’s styles for those adult not-princesses out there!

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