Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads #19: The Heart of Te Fiti

Okay, so, does I’m-totally-going-to-die sickness come in threes or something, and just progressive get worse each hit you take or something?  Am I just being dramatic, or can someone back me up on this one?

Due to much barfing and feeling like I’m going to never not (yes, the double-negative was necessary) be nauseous and achy again, welcome to Thursday Threads… on a Monday.

The Heart of Te Fiti

Due to the fact that I’m playing catch-up on posting and, thus, will be posting three posts today.  In an effort to not overload you with too much reading, I’ll keep my Thursday and Friday posts relatively simple!

For Thursday Threads this lovely Monday afternoon, I want to show you a design that took me a while to figure out, but that I was quite intent on making:  Glow-in-the-Dark Heart of Te Fiti.


Glow-in-the-dark vinyl is such a fun and unique heat press to use on shirts, and when I really enjoy figuring out new ways to use it.  When Moana came out, and my four-year-old was chanting the, “I am Moana of Motunui,” mantra, using anything that sort-of-kind-of looked like a pebble to become his Heart of Te Fiti, I was like, “Heart of Te Fiti, that would be awesome on a shirt and glowing.”

Problem is the recreation of a 3D object into a 2D design, one that looks enough like the original but that would be simple enough to weed without wanting to shoot yourself.  (Trust me, if you’ve never weeded vinyl, it can be a beast if your design is too tight.)  And, if you look at the Heart of Te Fiti, it’s not a simple design.


Not only are the carvings quite intricate (such great detailing in Moana), but it’s also glass-like, so the way in which the carvings show up changes as the lighting changes (again, bravo to the detailing).  This makes for beautiful animation, but also makes the design in its entirety hard to replicate.

Well, multiple reference shots later, I finally got a product that I liked–and, apparently, so did lots of others, because it’s one of our most popular shirt designs.


We carry our Glow-in-the-Dark Heart of Te Fiti in youth and adult unisex sizes, as well as women’s fitted.

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